Dear Friends,

The State of Illinois's budget crisis and funding cuts have had a direct impact on our students' education and well-being. Action for Children is one example of state-funded programs that have a profound impact on our students and their parents.

The Illinois Kids Campaign describes itself as a "grassroots coalition of over Illinois schools and organizations." It is a political advocacy group that strives to create policy change that will benefit schools and educators across the state.

We are making a special appeal to our friends and donors to not only be politically active but also to consider a special contribution to our schools to help us maintain urgently needed services such as after school child care for working parents.

On this page you will find a link to a poem written by one of our former eighth grade students, who was himself a beneficiary of the Action for Children program. I hope that you will find it as inspiring as I did.

Many thanks in advance for your prayers and financial support!

Christine Boyd


Click Here to Learn About Illinois Action for Children