About Me

Hi my name is Abigail. I am in 5th grade and I am 10 years old. My best friends are Emma, Isabella, Elly, Kayla, Ella, Zaira, Mikaella, Bella, Lily, Sofia, and my best friend from preschool is Lily. I have two friends named Lily so don't get confused. My favorite subject in school is History because it's fun. It's fun because my teacher makes it interesting and fun. I also like History because it's interesting to learn all the things people did in the past. I like to play Roblox, play minecraft, and build things. When my dad and I moved into our apartment I needed a bed and the beds were too expensive so my dad bought wood and we built my bed. Also I got bored so I decided to make a big fort out of my curtains. I also built a bench.