St Joseph's school excels in sport and has its own sports clubs including basketball, cricket, football, hockey, miniball, netball, rugby, softball, t-ball and touch rugby. Many of our parents and ex pupils are coaches and managers of our teams. We have our own part time Sports Coordinator.

SUMMER SPORTS - Terms 1 & 4

Cricket, Softball, T/Ball, Touch, Summer League Hockey

WINTER SPORTS - Terms 2 & 3

Basketball, Miniball, Netball, Rugby, Football, Hockey


Please see Sports Board for details of correct uniforms. There is a $5.00 uniform hire charge. This must be paid when collecting uniforms. These must be returned in good condition and lost or damaged uniforms will be charged for.


  • Responsibility
  • Attitude
  • Cooperation with and encouragement of others
  • Fun and Enjoyment
  • Fairplay
  • Respect for yourself, your team mates, your coaches and your school
  • Strive to achieve success


  1. Accept the composition of the teams as selected by those in charge.
  2. Have an obligation to the coach/team/school when they commit themselves to a school team.
  3. Uphold the reputation of the school, both on and off the playing field.
  4. Attend all practices and games and be on time.
  5. Abide by the school Veritas Guidelines when representing St Josephs.
  6. Wear the correct uniform.

The school encourages participation in extra-curricular sporting activities. Participating in school sport enables the children to contribute to being an active member of the St Joseph's family.

The aim is to foster an active participation, provide opportunities to develop personal and leadership skills, social interaction and practice a sense of fair play.

Only students fully committed to sport at St Josephs will be eligible for interschool's and extra sporting activities. The success of sport at St Joseph's relies heavily on volunteers such as

parents and caregivers for coaches and managers who help to support individuals and teams.

For anyone interested in being a coach, manager or volunteer please contact the Sports Coordinator for further information.