with Mrs. Rosie Abramczyk

About me

Hello! I am excited to be here at St. Gabriel! This is my 11th year teaching art and my 8th year in the Archdiocese. My hope is to liven your children’s days through art and give them a creative outlet. My art lessons will combine digital visuals as well as hands-on art making. We will largely focus on the Elements and Principles of Art, and then expand these into projects related to our world.

In my free time I enjoy gardening and home projects, playing with my son, creating art, exploring St. Louis City and all it has to offer, as well as visiting parks. I am a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia and am also a professional artist. You can see my work here:

I am loving the community here at St. Gabriel and being part of such a dedicated and hardworking faculty! I look forward to getting to know the families here as well!

(In case you were wondering... my last name is pronounced "ah-bram-zik")

Email Address:

You can follow me on Instagram @mrs.rosieabramczyk to see current photos of what we've been up to in art.

Class Overview and Curriculum Highlights

In the elementary grades we learn the basics of art and ways to use them.

Grades K-2: The elements and principles of art are introduced in the Primary grades and then built upon over the coming years.

Grades 3-5: They will examine the various continents around the world and the cultures and art made there. The Elements and Principles of Art will also be further implemented.

In middle school we begin further exploring how art is used in society and throughout history. In addition, the Principles of Art will be continually applied.

6th Grade: They will explore the artistic history of humankind beginning in ancient times, leading up to the dawn of Modern Art in the mid 1800's.

7th Grade: They will learn about Modern Art movements born in the late 1800's and continuing through today.

8th Grade: They will explore the applications and roles of art in the world by examining various artistic careers and ways art is used in society.

Photos from Art Class:

Working with line and rulers in Kindergarten

Color Mixing in 1st Grade

Drawing Pete the Cat in 2nd Grade

Working with line and color in 3rd Grade

Creating cacti with organic shapes in 4th Grade

Central America inspired pineapple art in 5th Grade

Making Greek Vases in 6th Grade

Cartoon Cubism in 7th Grade

Cartooning in 8th Grade


Here are some websites I suggest: