Transition Year 2020-2021

Covid 19 Restrictions

This year has been challenging for Transition Years. We had a tough finish to our Junior Cycle, finishing our exams at home, however, we came into Transition Year excited for the new year. Although there will be many challenges and restrictions this year we as TY's will surely find ways to make the most of our TY experience. We are making sure to keep within guidelines and restrictions when doing things such as Community Care, Outdoor Pursuits, keeping to social distancing rules and of course, always wearing a mask!

Outdoor Pursuits

This year our Outdoor Pursuits have been amazing! Even though we have all these restrictions, our teachers have worked very hard to allow us to do many activities, such as; Kayaking, go-karting, Zip-it, Causey Farm, Hikes and cycling around Phoenix park. The experiences have been great with hopefully many more still to come.

Community Care

One of the most important factors of the past few months has been staying local, and that is why this year most of our community care is local. Students will be going around helping in the community.

Work Experience

For work experience this year, even with Covid-19 restrictions, some people still managed to get work experience and for those few people who didn't our Ty coordinator, Ms. Walsh found ways around it for example we have an online course to do if we couldn't get work experience for a few days.