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School Nurse FAQs

Can everyone see the nurse?

No. If you do NOT sign YES to the "Permission for Nursing Services", your child will NOT be able to see Nurse Karen. This is a legal document giving your permission to accept Nursing Services here at St.Bartholomew, if not signed and returned they are NOT able to see the nurse. This means ANY minor injury or illness will be a telephone call to you to come to school to take care of your child's needs. NO last minute verbal permissions over the phone will be accepted. SO please take advantage and hand in the correct form. It can easily be printed off the website here under MEDICAL FORMS.

Can I send in medicine for the nurse to give my child?

ONLY if the forms are sent in with the medicine! You absolutely MUST have your doctor fill out and sign the "Medication Administration Form" on the MEDICAL FORMS page if ANY meds are to be given during school. Do NOT send in a bottle of medication with a note from you, it will not be given. For further details read page 21 in the Student Handbook or just read the Medication Administration Form!

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