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Overview of STAR Sports

The STAR School offers an outstanding sports program. All students, regardless of ability, are welcome to participate as STAR Hawks. Bus transportation is provided to take students home after meets, and at 4:30 on Monday-Thursday after practice.

We now have cross-country, basketball, and soccer for boys and girls, and girls’ volleyball. We compete with other schools in the region including Leupp Schools Inc., Little Singer School, Dilcon, Indian Wells, Rocky Ridge, Hotevilla-Bacavi, Seba Dalkai, and Greasewood. We have been amazed that our tiny but mighty school can do well against schools that have many times the number of students.

Highlights of Our Early Years


Our Cross-Country team finished in second place in the league.


The Cross-Country team moved up to first place in 2002.


We finished another outstanding Cross Country season. Many students made remarkable individual progress and they worked together as a team. Our boys team came in 2nd place at the finals, and the girls team ended up in 3rd. Click here to see their photo.

JV Girls basketball brought home a 2nd place trophy, missing the championship by one last-minute basket. The STAR Chess Team won first place in the region once again at the tournement we hosted at the school in March.


When you visit the school, check out the trophy the boys won for winning the Western Navajo tournement championship in Tuba City– it was a foot taller than our coach! The team went on to place 4th in the Navajo Nation.


Our girls’ volleyball team competed in a full schedule and brought home a trophy.

Cross Country

From the amazing early beginning our students continued to set a pace that we are proud of!


Watch here for a link to photos of the girls’ volleyball team.


Our basketball teams are enthusiastic and tough during the 2008-09 season. We’re still dreaming of the day we get a gym, but that hasn’t stopped the kids from practicing outdoors nearly every day. Fresh air and plenty of exercise help the kids stay in great shape.


Over half the students in the school have participated on the wrestling team in past years and we’ve place very well in competition with larger schools.

Along with going to other schools for competitions, we’ve held intramural practice meets. Some of the top wrestlers to tournaments around the state. The school also arranged to send the boys age 11 and up, to the summer wrestling camp at Coconino High School.

We won first place in the leage in 2004 and 2005. Unfortunately there weren’t enough other schools with wrestling teams after 2005 teams so the league has been inactive.


Spring 2003 was our first soccer season, and we had a lot of new players. We got our butts kicked while we learned– our only home game was so pitiful that they stopped counting the other team’s goals. In 2004 we came back and beat every other team in the league, losing the finals by one point at the end. This was followed by other successful seasons.

Success in sports makes a huge difference in the lives of many of our students. We like to win, of course, but even more important are the lessons of doing our best, finding out how hard work pays off, working together as a team, being gracious both when winning and losing, and reaching goals we set for ourselves.