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Learn & Serve

Learn and Serve is an Arizona Department of Education-funded program designed to implement service learning in our state’s schools.

For the past seven years, the STAR School has featured the Learn and Serve WINDOWS program—”From the past looking in to the future – from the future looking out at the past.” This program has been instrumental in mending cultural rifts in our multicultural student body. For the first three years, adult volunteers—primarily elders from both sides of the reservation fence— have shared life stories, historical accounts, traditional knowledge and more. This fosters caring, understanding, and respect.

From the early years, our program received local, national, and world-wide recognition from individuals such as U.S. Representative, Arizona Governors, Coconino County Supervisors, as well as visitors from Japan, Russia, Germany, and other countries.

Our various service learning projects integrate elements of the STAR School curriculum, such as State Standards and the Native Science program. For 2009-2010, ten student leaders are heading individual projects. These students put their heads together to discuss questions such as who are the people in our community and what are their special gifts and challenges, and what is the history of the people and the land?

Students will continue to work with adult members of the community, adding to their knowledge of history, culture and community needs.