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Please complete this short survey regarding the "on-site support services" -- that STAR School may soon be providing for K-8th grade.

These services are intended to provide support for those students in at-risk groups, specifically:

  • Students with disabilities (IEP)

  • Students who are English Learners

  • Students in the care of Arizona Department of Child Safety, including foster care

  • Students whose parents’ duties as essential workers (First Responders, Healthcare, Military etc.) are unable to fulfill their obligations without the aid of on-site support services

Please note:

Teachers will not be providing live, in-person instruction during this time, although students with disabilities may receive some services and support described in their IEPs.

Members of our non-teaching staff may supervise students while they are participating in the Online Distance Learning program.

(Essentially, students will bring their devices and do the online learning program, but in a room on campus instead of at home. It is not regular in-person school.)