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Data Collection and Use

Data Analysis 101 (Student Success Network)

Summer Session Webinar

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SU18 Data Analysis 101 [Presentation]

Data Dashboard Design (Student Success Network)

Skill-Building Session

Identifying and Sharing Promising Practices (Student Success Network)

Strive Convening Workshop [External]

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Listening to Student Voice (Institute of Educational Sciences and Regional Education Laboratory)

External Resource

This toolkit provides educators a purposeful and systematic means to gather and analyze local data by eliciting and listening to student voice to inform improvement efforts. The toolkit offers three tools:

  • Analyzing Surveys with Kids involves students in analyzing and interpreting survey results associated with a school-related topic or problem and then in producing suggestions for improvement.
  • Inside-Outside Fishbowl organizes a special kind of focus group in which students and educators trade roles as speakers and listeners during a facilitated discussion of a school-related topic or problem and then jointly develop an action plan.
  • Students Studying Students’ Stories guides a digital storytelling process in which students produce and analyze videotaped interviews of other students about a school-related topic or problem and then host forums with educators to suggest improvements.

Use Data to Improve Outcomes Toolkit (Student Success Network)

So you have data. Now what? This toolkit features our most popular resources for using data to improve.

Use Data to Improve Outcomes Toolkit.pdf

Youth-Informed Survey Administration (Student Success Network)

Data Lead Training

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Youth-Informed Survey Administration One-Pager