Build Skills

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement 101 (Student Success Network)

Summer Session Webinar

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Additional Continuous Improvement Guides, Tipsheets, and Templates

Design Thinking: How might I know if my change is having an impact? (Student Success Network)

All-Collab Summit Session

Tracking indicator data is an essential part of the improvement process, but it’s challenging to know what kind of data to collect, and how to use data to shift or scale a change idea. To explore this issue, participants read and discussed a case study drawn from the healthcare industry, learned about three key characteristics of a good indicator, and envisioned a narrative for an indicator important to their program by designing and sharing run charts.

tags: indicator, run chart, data, data collection, data analysis, storytelling with data

Design Thinking: How might I better lead change? (Student Success Network)

All-Collab Summit Session

Change is challenging, and John Kotter’s 8 pitfalls when leading change is a great tool to use in diagnosing challenges with and planning for change efforts. Participants explored 4 scenarios sourced from challenges they have experienced when leading change. Together, participants determined which pitfalls might be at play to get to the root cause of the challenge and brainstormed strategies to address the challenge.

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Improvement Cultures (Center for Supportive Schools & Enact)

EXPO Workshop

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PDSAY What?! A Crash Course on PDSA Cycles (Student Success Network)

Skill-Building Session

What is a PDSA cycle? How can it support my students?

  • Understand why and how you should utilize PDSA Cycles
  • Learn about the types of problems best suited for PDSA Cycles
  • Discuss small scale changes (change ideas) you can test