First Aid & Emergency Care Training Programmes

  • First aid level 1

  • First aid level 2

  • First aid level 3

  • First aid for paediatrics

  • First aid in water rescue

  • First aid for sports injuries

  • First aid for scuba & freediving

Fire and Emergency Training Programmes

  • Basic fire fighting for fire teams

  • Intermediate fire fighting for fire teams

  • Advanced fire fighting for fire teams

  • Grassland fire fighting

  • Hazardous chemical handling in the workplace

  • Hazardous material emergencies in the workplace

Health, Safety & Environmental Training Programmes

  • Safety induction for employees

  • Health, safety & environmental representatives

  • Health and safety for supervisors

  • Health and safety for directors

  • Accident and incident investigation

  • Risk assessment and analysis

ISO Training Programmes

  • An intro to environmental management systems and ISO 14001

  • An intro to quality management systems and ISO 9001

  • An intro to international health and safety systems and OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001

Miscellaneous Training Programmes

  • CPR, and AED

  • First responder

  • Professional rescuer CPR

  • Bloodborne pathogens

  • Wilderness first aid

  • Pet Emergency Care

Divers Alert Network

  • Oxygen First Aid For Scuba Diving Injuries

  • Advanced Oxygen For Scuba Diving Injuries

  • First Aid For Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

  • AED For Scuba Diving

  • Basic Life Support

  • First Aid

  • NEURO for Divers

  • Dive Medicine for Divers

  • Diving Emergency Management Provider Programme

  • Diving Emergency Specialist