Welcome To Jones Consulting

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Jones Consulting cc is a closed corporation established in 2007 by individuals who see Safety, Health, Environment and Emergency management as one interrelating system.

We aim to re-establish this domain, once known for its archaic systems and outdated controls. At Jones Consulting we strive for a safer, better planned future. We do this by ensuring that all of our staff are able and willing to take on the specific challenges presented by any situation.


Jones Consulting cc specialises in total safety solutions.

Our service and product portfolio covers all aspects of occupational health, safety and environmental management coupled with the emergency and disaster management aspects too.

The health, safety and environmental management systems allow you to prevent incidents and accidents from occurring.

The emergency management systems allow you deal with an emergency when it happens.

Finally, the disaster management systems allow you to get your organisation back to a functional state in the least possible time.