Protective Equipment

We supply protective equipment to protect both individuals and those around them. The equipment is designed to cater to the specific risks present within the workplace or task. All of our equipment complies to the strictest SANS, EN, ANSI or NIOSH standards.

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Emergency Medical Equipment

We supply a wide variety of emergency medical equipment for any environment. We supply custom packed first aid and medical kits packed to your requirements, or should you need something more standardised we have a range of plastic or metal boxes regulation 3 and 7 first aid kits that comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Clinical Equipment

If your organisation is looking to build or even refurbish a sick room or medical centre we supply a range of clinical furniture from beds to instrument trolleys and medicine cabinets.

Medical Consumables

Every first aid kit or medical bag will over time get depleted either due to use or expiry of certain items. We supply all replacement items for first aid or medical kits. Our delivery is done swiftly and efficiently so as to ensure that your organisation is not at risk for longer than necessary.

Fire Fighting Equipment

As every person knows fire is a very destructive force, why is it then that so few people either own or know how to operate a fire extinguisher. We at Jones Consulting believe that a fire extinguisher is a life saving device that should be present wherever people are present, at home or the office. We supply a range of fire fighting equipment to suit your individual needs and budget and even offer servicing of the equipment on an annual basis.

Specialist Emergency Management Vehicles & Trailers

We have designed a number of specialist vehicles and trailers to deal with a variety of situations, from mass casualty trailers, emergency scene command and control trailers to full size major incident command and control centres and rapid response rescue vehicles. Each of our vehicles is custom built to suit the clients requirements. Our designs are unique in every form.