Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality and Emergency Management Consulting

We understand that occupational health and safety is a complex topic that is very often misunderstood, difficult to interpret and often simply ignored. Our on-site safety consulting will assist in the implementation and roll out of new health and safety systems and offers advice on the every day running of existing systems.

In addition to the on-site services we also offer 24 hour telephonic occupational health and safety consulting as well as emergency advice on situations that occur in the workplace.

Business management system development and implementation

Policies and procedures form a part of daily work practices. It is important that an organisation has a detailed yet simplistic set of policies governing the goals that an organisation wishes to strive towards and a set of procedures governing how to accomplish the goals set in the policy.

Construction health, safety and environmental management

With the advent of the construction regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act each and every site on which construction, demolition or alterations are being performed requires a construction site safety file. These site safety files must include appointments of various persons as per the requirements of the site; they include safe work procedures and finally a site diary to include such events as incidents or accidents, site inspections for the department of labour and all such matters. Construction safety management includes all of the above in an easy to use package.

Legal compliance and ISO systems audits

A Legal Compliance Audit is an audit conducted on a company to establish the level of compliance of that organisation with regard to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the associated regulations and Local Municipal by-laws.

This audit is conducted over a number of days dependent on the size of an organisation and once the audit is completed a full report is presented to the company outlining the areas that require immediate attention, areas that require attention and areas that are compliant. A grading is then assigned to each department and the organisation as a whole.

The ISO or International Standards Organisation sets forward various guidelines for organisations seeking to gain international recognition. There are many different standards the most common being the ISO 9001 : quality management and the ISO 14001 : environmental management. In addition to the ISO systems there is also the OHSAS 18001 : occupational health and safety management systems that are recognised in Australia, the United Kingdom and most of Africa.

Risk assessment And Job Task Analysis

At Jones Consulting we believe that you should always be aware of your surroundings and threats that may present themselves. That is why we offer customized risk assessment for the corporate, industrial or domestic environment. We conduct an on-site full assessment of all of the risks and threats present taking into account such things as geographic location, structure type, emergency personnel and systems present. Once the complete assessment has been done a full report is submitted to the client so that they can see how to reduce their risk profile.

Emergency response planning

Local Municipal by-laws state that every company in the Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Mogale and Tshwane municipalities must have an Emergency Response Plan in place that meets the minimum requirements of the by-laws. There are a number of other municipalities which have similar regulations in place. In addition to the requirements of the local municipalities all companies wishing to implement either an ISO 14000 environmental management system or an OHSAS 18000 occupational health and safety management system must prepare and maintain an emergency response plan applicable to the risks present at that company. Our contingency plans deal with 17 modern day risks and threats including mass action and terrorist threats.

Emergency & disaster management services

At Jones Consulting we pride ourselves on being a total solutions organisation. We offer clients emergency and disaster response, a 24 hour emergency response in the event of any emergency that might threaten the lives and/or property of our clients.

We endeavour to exceed industry standards with regards to emergency response times.

Duties of the emergency management staff:

  • Management of emergencies - We assist in the initial emergency size-up and initiate necessary actions

  • Injury on duty (WCA) - We do all recordings of injury on duty on the relevant forms for submission to the workmen's compensation commissioner.

  • Incident command and emergency services liaison - Liaising with all emergency services and ensuring that adequate resources are available.

  • Incident investigation and reporting - We investigate the incident and complete all the annexure 2 documents as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Trauma counselling - We arrange for counselling specialists to visit the site at which any traumatic incidents have occurred.

  • Scene clean-up - We will ensure that all hazards within the working environment have been removed to allow for the continuation of work.

Special event and function emergency management

There has been a steady but marked increase in the number of companies and organisations providing special event management leading to an increase in the legislation, regulations and standards required for special events.

We offer the following services for your events:

  • Pre event emergency and disaster planning

Preparation of plans in accordance with national legislation, municipal by-laws and SABS standards specific to the event being held.

  • Pre event planning meetings

Organisation and hosting of the pre event meeting with all the key role players at a municipal, provincial and national level.

  • Emergency management at the event

We manage all emergencies occurring during the event and liaising with the relevant external support services.

  • Post event debriefing and closing

Organisation and hosting of a debriefing session with al organisers and key role players involved in the event