Jia Xi enjoys creating Motion Graphics, drawing and designing. She also likes to challenge herself in the aspect of compositing.

Grounded and humble, she is believes in the line that says "I believe, therefore I am." She values Excellence and Honesty, as she believes that with a honest heart and a driven soul, she get get to where she wants to be one day.


Email | Mobile +65 98411253


She is committed, open minded and does not give up. Perseveres, is a Team Player and a self-learning individual.


She loves to dance, both Contemporary and Hip Hop. She enjoys sketching and drawing, painting and building things as she loves to be engaged with more hands on artsy projects that can be touched.


Jia Xi has participated in various dance competitions including Super24 (Dance Team Competition) in which her team was placed in finals during her participation for 2 years. She also was a Finalist in a contemporary duet competition called TRDO Duet 3. Took on the role of being a club president for 2 years in secondary school, along with the roles of being a class rep every few years from primary school all the way to polytechnic.


Internship with RIOT Creative for 5 months.