Photography and camera operator is something she aspire to be in the future. She is a passionate and hardworking person, who is willing to try on new stuff. Not only is she friendly and kind to others, she is very optimistic too. "Bringing joy to others is what makes her being happy" is her motto. She value family friends the most as she feels that her friends are like her second family members and that she can trust them wholeheartedly like how she trusts her family members.




Enthusiastic and will try to look for ways to do things, e.g. going online to look for tutorial videos on visual effects makeup on veins and skin peeling effects. I am also very optimistic. I believe that everything will be alright and that there will always be a solution to the problems being faced.


I'm into K-Pop and I like to study their music videos, be it production or post-production stage. When there are visual effects being used in music videos, I would like to try it out and see whether I am able to do it. Other than studying their music videos, I will also try to learn their choreography and dance to it during my free time.


Universal Studio Singapore, Halloween Horror Night 6 : Visual effects makeup artist

Han Productions : Intern personal assistant