Since youth, Chang Cheng Chieh has been watching tons of movie from his father's shelve. Being connect by movies, he dream to become director when he grow up. He believes strongly on working hard and doing the best thing possible. He is a quick thinker, trying new stuff everyday and he is hardworking. Chang Cheng Chieh believes strongly on communication and interactions that will the best out of every situations.


Email | Mobile +65 91527539


Chang Cheng Chieh is a very cheerful and outgoing person. He will remain optimistic and never give up when challenges comes. He is also willing to listening to other opinions and improve his work and will achieve the given goal whatever it take.


Mostly enjoy in watching movies, playing games and watch soccer


Chang Cheng Chieh has learn a lot in this part of industry. Mastering softwares like Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop etc. In 3D, Maya and Cinema 4d. Not only post production, but also in production, Chang Cheng Chieh has been production assistant on many instances.