She aspires to be in the film industry in the future, as a Producer. She took up an additional module called Digital Film under the school of CASS to gain more knowledge about the film industry and to learn the history of the film.

To simply descibe, she is not afraid of making mistakes and constantly improvise and learns from the mistakes. She likes to learn new things and share it with others, as' success is not something that just happens, it's learned, practiced and then shared.'

This also shows that she values her friendship as by helping others, it also strengthens their mutual relationship. As well as teamwork, since being in this industry every role weighs significantly, it is important to be openminded and listen to others opinion and et cetera.


Email : | Mobile : +65 97278633


Curiosity, asks questions when in doubt and even if its just slightly doubting or not clear, she will want to get a more clearer understanding and asks more questions be it lecturers or classmates.


Eat, sleep and repeat


Intern for 6 months at Night Owl Cinematics

Part-time Photographer for Stamford Education Orchard previously during holidays

Videographer for Malaywedding once

Part-time backstage crew for a stage show for Vision Entertainment once