October National Test Day

National Test Day is for all high schools across the US. Students at SMNW have participated in National Test Day in the following activities. Activities are subject to change! We will announce the most up-to-date plan as soon as possible.


All Freshmen will complete the YouScience (Aptitude Test). This test is a 90-minute aptitude test that will give students valuable insight into their future. Using proprietary artificial intelligence to uncover student aptitudes, YouScience then connects these aptitudes to careers and educational pathways designed to help students find relevance in school and confidence beyond.

Freshmen Activities and Rotations for National Test Day 2023:


All sophomores will complete the Pre-ACT. Students are automatically registered and given the exam for free. 


All juniors will take a Practice ACT, unless opting-in and paying to take the PSAT. Juniors taking the PSAT are eligible to qualify for National Merit Scholarship.

Juniors wishing to take the PSAT during National Test Day need to contact academic counselor, Zach Cash (zacharycash@smsd.org). Once registered, students will pay on Total Registration. The PSAT will be given online beginning October 2023.


Seniors! It's time to explore your future options! Please take this day to visit a junior college, university, or program of your choice. Permission slips to be gone this day will be handed out during seminar (closer to Oct Test Day). There will be no electronic signup.