BECA Common Application for Local Scholarships

2024 BECA St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application

The 2024 Common Scholarship Application is closed. See updated language below.

Here is a PowerPoint presentation with notes that give step-by-step instructions for completing the application. 

Here is a Guide to Scholarships. It is brief. You must see the full-page description of each scholarship to be sure you qualify. 

March 2, 2024. The 2024 BECA Scholarship Application is closed. No new applications can be started. If you submitted an application, BECA thanks you, and will forward to the appropriate scholarship provider(s).

For those who started an application by yesterday's due date, an accommodation has been made due to technical difficulties with uploading materials. Students with incomplete applications have until Tuesday, March 5, 2024 midnight to submit. All incomplete applications after March 5 will not be considered. If you need assistance, please contact your college adviser or BECA at 240-257-beca (2322) or 

February 28, 2024. Regarding SAI scores from FAFSA, most applicants did not yet have this info, and were advised to enter "pend" in the SAI box on the application. BECA will reopen the application later in March for students to add their SAI and FSS. A new question added to the JotForm electronic application allows you to upload just your FSS. If you use this option you will not need to rescan your Supplemental Information. Only students who submitted an application will be able to update their application. Please check back in this space for news regarding the date the application will reopen for SAI update. 

STEP 1: Download the PDF Timeline and Instructions and also the 65-page pdf, Scholarship Descriptions with the description of every scholarship offered. READ CAREFULLY TO BE SURE THERE ARE SCHOLARSHIPS YOU QUALIFY FOR.  To see the individual pdfs, click HERE

STEP 2: Use this link to see and complete the JotForm Electronic Application

STEP 3:  

Once the online application is complete: