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BECA's St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application is available HERE.  

Deadline March 1, 2024, recommended submission by February 23, 2024.

Feb. 11. NOTE: BECA is aware of the delay in receiving the FSS with your SAI from the FAFSA. For now, we suggest you simply enter "pend" in the SAI box and go ahead and submit your application. You can return to the application until midnight on March 1 to edit your information. We may need to extend the deadline or provide an alternate way to submit your SAI in a separate form. Check back on this site for updates. 

Feb. 23. Today, BECA added a button near the end of the electronic application. It allows you to upload a copy of your FSS from FAFSA. You may do this instead of rescannning your entire Supplemental Information package. If you already included a correct FSS in your Supplemental Information, you can skip this step. You will need to reprint your application as a pdf if you had entered "pend" in the SAI. 

For more assistance, watch this video 

BECA is the St. Mary's County Business, Education, and Community Alliance. BECA works to help students from St. Mary's County achieve their higher education goals. We provide the St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application with more than $200,000 in local scholarships. BECA also raises money to provide its own scholarships.

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