Business, Education, and Community Alliance, Inc.

The 2024 BECA Scholarship Application is closed for new applications. It is OPEN for students who have not yet submitted their SAI/FSS from FAFSA. 

If you have any questions, please contact your college adviser or BECA at 240-257-beca (2322) or 

Regarding submissions without SAI scores from FAFSA.. Students who have submitted an application by the deadline should edit their application and add their SAI in the appropriate box and upload their *FSS in the newly added question near the bottom of the application. Students will also need to use the "print" button in the application to make a new pdf of the application and then upload it to replace the earlier version. TO EDIT YOUR APPLICATION, USE THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE EMAIL YOU RECEIVED WHEN YOU SUBMITTED YOUR APPLICATION. 

*The FSS is a summary of the information the student and parents listed on the FAFSA and also provides some basic financial aid eligibility information. The FSS will indicate if the FAFSA is complete and, if so, it will contain the student's Student Aid Index (SAI) in the upper right-hand corner of the form. Do not submit pages that show your families income. Just give BECA that page that shows your name and your SAI. 

BECA thanks you for your completed application, which will be forwarded to the appropriate scholarship provider(s).

About: BECA is the St. Mary's County Business, Education, and Community Alliance, Inc. A registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, BECA works to help students from St. Mary's County achieve their higher education goals. BECA annually hosts the St. Mary's County Common Scholarship Application with more than $200,000 in local scholarships. BECA also raises money to provide its own scholarships, and has awarded more than 300 scholarships to local high school graduates since 1995. Please contact BECA at or 240-257-2322. Fun fact: beca means scholarship in Spanish.

Or, donate via check. Checks can be mailed to:

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