Welcome to PMRF@IITM


Welcome to the Prime Minister's Research Fellows (PMRF) portal of IIT Madras!

The PMRF Scheme offered by IITM has been designed to encourage and provide a best for improving the quality of research. With attractive fellowships, the scheme seeks to attract the best talent into research thereby realizing the vision of development through innovation. The candidates will be selected through a rigorous selection process and their performance will be reviewed suitably through a national convention.


Oct 21, 10pm : Results of Direct and Lateral Entry Channels - May 2022 Cycle (Cycle 9) - List of provisionally selected candidates is available here.

Notification for Cycle 9 selection of PMRFs has been released by NCC. IITM Madras invites applications from PhD scholars for nominating for direct entry and laterl entry schemes of PMRF for this cycle. Deadline for filling the google form is Aug 1, 2022. Academic section will inform the nominated scholars by email and invite them to submit applications to the portal after Aug 16, 2022. The deadline for the nominated scholars to upload applications is Aug 29, 2022.

Results for Annual Review done in Jun 2022 are available in the PMRF portal. The PMRFs may login and get the results directly from the portal.