Sliding Door Repair

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We replace rollers on sliding doors, we replace tracks, we replace door handles. We repair sliding glass doors. 

We can repair your sliding patio door and specialize in track replacements, roller replacement, and locks. If you have a stubborn sliding glass door and it takes two hands to move it, we can help you. We replace rollers with precision tandem rollers instead of the single rollers most older doors come with, at no extra charge. Sliding doors, also called Patio doors, or Arcadia doors require service over time. We service all types of residential sliding doors. You may not need to replace your sliding glass door, which could save you thousands of dollars. 

Old worn out roller

New precision tandem roller

Damaged patio door track.

New A-frame stainless steel track.

Our Patio Door Repair services include:

We provide cost effective solutions for eliminating your sliding door problems? Call SlideRight of Tucson today at 520-917-1880. We are available to answer any questions you may have.


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