Door Closer & Latch System

Sliding Door Pool Barriers

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Our SlideRight self-closing, self-latching system meets the pool barrier requirements for the state of Arizona as well as nation-wide regulations.

  • Unlike many of the bulky, conspicuous alternatives, the Slide Right system offers the aesthetic, discreet convenience of being closely color matched to your existing door frame.

  • The cable-weight tube comes in four colors and is attached to the back of the sliding panel. At only an inch and a quarter in diameter, you may not even notice it unless you were looking for it.

  • The (New-Style) Latch has a handle with a finger toggle that you pull back while grabbing the door handle.

  • The (Old- Style) Latch is conveniently linked to the second handle by a lanyard placed on the outside of your door and masked by color-matching Vinyl strips of cable cover.

  • Our device is also a cost-efficient home improvement "GREEN" product that will help save on your energy bill.

New Style Latch

Old Style Latch

Door Closer:

  • New Style Latch: The New Style Latch is attached to the door frame and has it's own handle with a finger toggle built in. When you pull the finger toggle back the catch lever releases from the catch bar, allowing the door to be opened. The improved New Style Latch is more durable and reliable than the Old Style.

  • Old Style Latch: A Double-tooth latch bar is attached to the outside of the door frame and a latch box with a plunger is attached to the outside of the door. A latch handle is also attached to the door frame at a height that is inaccessible to children. When used by an adult, the latch handle retracts the plunger, allowing the door to be opened.

  • The cylinder contains the SlideRight pneumatic mechanism with adjustable air valve. When you open the door the mechanism is primed; when the door is released the mechanism automatically returns the door to the closed and latched position.

Adjusting Speed of Closer:

Turn screw on air valve to adjust speed. It takes a 5/64 Allen wrench, turn clockwise to slow down closure, turn counter clockwise to speed up closure. Do not turn more than 1/4 turn at a time. Do not remove screw.

Color swatch

Slide Right Auto Closer and Latch pool barrier

Closer and Latch sliding door pool barrier in Adobe or Tan color

Bi-parting door Closer and Latch

New handle latch, above 54"

This is where the weighted tube will be placed on your sliding door.

White Slide Right auto sliding door closer and latch system

How the latch will look on your door

Bronze auto closer and latch

Bi-parting door

stacking door with auto closer you can see the latch on outside of door above 54"

Stacking door with Slide Right Closer and Latch system.

90 degree stacking door with closer and latch installed. Meets pool code requirements.

We can also put Slide Right closer and latch systems on 90 degree angle doors.

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