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Hinge Door Pool Barriers


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Hinge doors can be modified to meet pool code as an alternative to a pool fence.

Swinging doors

If your dead bolt is not above 54”, or is not included on your door, we are able to install a second handle at 54" to satisfy city code. This service also includes self-closing hinges.

Specialty doors

For specialty doors with metal frames or 3-point locking systems (French Doors), we can install either an arm closer or gib closer in replace of self-closing hinges, along with a SlideRight latch.

This door only needs a swap with hinges because the dead bolt will be over 54" and the dead bolt is 15" from the knob.

We installed a second knob on this door so that the knob is above 54" and 15" from the dead bolt

Because the dead bolt and knob are more than 15" apart and dead bolt area was above 54" we were able to swap handle and dead bolt to meet pool barrier requirements.

On a three point locking system French door a gib closer and latch is needed.

Door before old style handle and gib closer. It does not have a dead bolt, it will need a gib closer and old style handle.

Door with old style handle and gib closer installed

Old style handle and gib closer install

Standard door hinge

We will replace your old hinge with a spring loaded closing hinge

Spring loaded hinge

Spring loaded hinge will make your door close automatically.

Spring loaded hinge, what it looks like from outside.

RV Gate

We install RV gate springs.

Side Gate

We install gate springs.

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Pool code requirements are confusing. We invite you to call us to clarify any of your questions.