I am a Specially Appointed Associate Researcher in the School of Mathematics at Sun Yat-sen University at Zhuhai.  My current research is mainly on multiscale modeling in solid mechanics, but I am also interests in problems in graph theory and machine learning.

Email:  guozy25 AT mail DOT sysu.edu.cn

Previously I was a Mathematics Fellow at Marlboro College from 2015-2017.  I taught various courses in both theoretical and applied mathematics, and it was during these two years that I transitioned into research in mathematical modeling.

I received my Ph.D in mathematics from Northwestern University, where I studied algebraic number theory under the direction of Frank Calegari.  Prior to that, I attended Kenyon College for my undergraduate study, graduating summa cum laude with B.A. in mathematics (with high honors) and a minor in music (focusing on piano performance).  My advisor at Kenyon was Judy Holdener.

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