My writing has taken many forms, from conventional academic texts, to experimental writing that folds into itself.

This has been a project of trying to think through creative or non-conventional modes of writing.

In this sense the concern with thinking through how form and content play, intertwine and coexist is important.

Below is a selection of published text works and my Masters thesis.

Walking With / Walking Alongside / Walking Against?

A text written with Jono Cane, that critically questions public sculpture and its meaning in urban space. The text was commissioned for a monograph on William Kentridge and Gerhard Marx's Fire Walker Sculpture, published by Fourthwall books.

Zen and Terry Go to Lunch Relational Politics in Conversation

The text is drawn from a transcript of a conversation between Terry Kurgan and myself, where we discussed site specific and relational forms of artistic production. The focus of the conversation was on her recent project Hotel Yeoville. I transcribed the conversation and we spent some time editing it and bouncing it back and forth via email. We decided early on that we would keep the track changes as a record of our process of working. The text was published in the book on Hotel Yeoville as well as numerous other stand alone for versions for museum and gallery exhibition.

Where are my Fucking Flowers! Life, Laughter and Death in the work of Ishkar Richard

This text was for a session of the 2015 JWTC, which was presented as a 'seance' to call on the work of artists or writers who had committed suicide. Iskar Richard was a talented young artist and former student at the WITS School of Arts. His passing was one of three suicides by artists in South Africa that year. The text grapples with his work and problematises the retrospective reading of it through his death. Below is a link to the text as published in the JWTC Salon.

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[...] or ellipses.org.za

Ellipses is an online journal that interrogates the question of epistemology in relation to aesthetic or creative practice. Launched in 2016, the annual journal is housed within the WITS School of Arts.

Masters Thesis 2006

The link below is to the PDF of my Masters thesis done in fulfilment of an MA in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. In it I look at forms of colonial mimicry as either subversive or complementary to the force and power of colonial subjectivity. I especially focus on two cricket players who were not of English origin or racial pedigree but nonetheless represented the nation of England in Cricket.