Site Specific

Much of the work that I do is always site specific in nature. I.e. I always work thinking through the many contexts that exist, in terms of the city,

the space within the city and in relation or at times in collaboration with people and ideas present in these contexts. The projects below are works that were

residencies over extended periods, that engaged with collective artistic energies and politics of space and place.

Urban Scenography

Urban Scenography is a series of public art platforms that take the form of a residency. The working period that includes up to 30 artists and performers often culminates in a kind of festival or staging of the processes that the residency included. Below are links to the three Urban Scenographies that I participated in.

Play Urban

A collaborative project between an art school in France and an Art school in South Africa. It included artists, lecturers, students and theorists. The project included periods of working in both Strasbourg and in Johannesburg.