While most of my work includes some aspect of collaboration or even forms of the curatorial in the expanded sense, the projects below are more obviously curatorial

in various ways. These range from facilitated workshops with students that resulted in exhibitions or the printing of catalogues, to events, residencies, exhibitions or theory workshops.

Dislocating the Studio, WITS Substation, 2011

In 2011, I conceptualised and designed a residency program at the WITS School of Arts (WSOA).

The program questioned the idea of the studio as it invited artists to work for the period of a month or more in the schools project space.

Dislocating the Studio was an important addition to the public and teaching program at WSOA

and was funded through WIT's SPARC Program as well as receiving support from the Africa Centre.

view the website below for information on the projects, artists and more on the concept statement.


NEWWORK 10 - 15, 4th year fine art graduate show and catalogue.

The NEWWORK cycle of projects came from my identification of a lack in the Fine Art program: there was no structure or platform for students to exhibit their work

and neither was there a mechanism for publishing. To address this, I initiated the NEWWORK project, which included working with students to carry out events and actions that worked to lay the basis for designing and printing a catalogue and to mount an exhibition of the work of the graduating class. Not only was this an important process of working with students in a serious real time and public project, but it also functions as a crucial form of institutional memory preservation and archiving. The project has become the highlight of the academic year of the Division of Fine Art and is currently in its 7th edition with work on NEWWORK16 currently underway.

NEWWORK 16 to be released in November 2016...

Delta Remix, A video project for JWTC 2012

The series of photographs in the exhibition: Last Rites Niger Delta. The Drama of Oil Production in Contemporary Photographs shows a disturbing case study of environmental and humanitarian crisis in Africa. The original series of images made up a photographic exhibition commissioned by the Goethe Institut and the Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde München.

While the exhibition is currently being staged in Munich, a slide show was made available for use by the JWTC. The slide show from this exhibition suggested an intriguing time based version of this body of work. The idea then arose to use video as a mode of intervention that would engage with the existence of the images as moving but more importantly to start to explore and critique the contentious nature of representations of Africa that focus on ‘crisis’.

With this framework in mind, 6 artist/curator/filmmakers were invited to re-edit the series of images in order to interrogate the issues that are raised by the original body of work. In all cases the interventions, or remixes, aimed to generate discussion on notions of the environment, exploitation of people and resources and representations of Africa.

The resulting works took up a range of issues from ethnography, mass media communication and entertainment, to fictional narratives. Some are serious, some irreverent others whimsical. Combined they ask for a re-reading of the original text and its attendant issues in a way that is never settled, reductive or easy to digest.

Artists on the show: Raimi Gbadamosi, Arya Lalloo, Jabu Pereira, Juan Orrantia, Shannon Walsh, and Lester Adams.

documentation of delta remix to come shortly

Website is being worked on...

projects to come include:

F.U.C.T Friday: A series of weekly events on the WITS School of Arts roof, which saw invited artists DJ'ing.

Taxi Poetry 2013

Life of Form Form/Formation: a project with JWTC @ at the Goethe Project Space 2013