Our Logo

The VRM logo was designed in collaboration by the late (and sorely missed) Si Hands Visual Artist and Reid Dalgleish in late 2015. Si also did the official Chicago, London, Swiss, and Manchester logos and banners (and these are noteworthy enough to be emulated by some other rubbermen groups).

The logo includes aspects of the City of Vancouver flag, including the blue waves representing the Fraser River and the Pacific Ocean surrounding the city, the green representing the great Pacific forests that covered the area prior to development and a traditional Mural Crown, which is an aspect of the Vancouver flag representing city walls or towers and used as a symbolic crown in Roman and heraldic times.

The VRM gas mask, as is represented in all the other rubbermen logos, is distinctively a modified Canadian C4 model.

The tire and font is representative of what you'd find on a standard tire....something that seems to appear in a lot of rubbermen group logos due to the ubiquity of this type of 'rubber' though not the same as latex rubber at all...it just looks very cool!