About Us

Because rubber men have more fun!

From and for the men of Metro Vancouver, our visitors, friends and admirers into the gorgeous tight shiny stuff, we are a social group that meets in a fun, relaxed setting for gear play and brotherhood once a month, scheduled play parties, meet ups together before or after other kink events, providing opportunities to build our own kink community and make some rubber buddies along the way. It isn't JUST about being naughty! We hold our own fetish nights, do bar crawls, hold games nights, wear rubber to cotton events just to keep everyone on guard, join in the pride parade, give away free gear, raise money for charity and of course help host hundreds of rubbermen from all over the globe for the annual Rubbout party weekend.

Questions? Please send an email to vanrubbermen@gmail.com, request to join the Closed Vancouver Rubbermen group on Facebook, fill in the Contact Form on the Contact Us page to be added to the mailing list, start a @vanrubbermen conversation on Twitter; all of these are avenues where you can join the discussion.

VRM would like to do more varied activities in more places. If you have some ideas of activities or venues you think could or would host a Vancouver Rubbermen event in your area, let us know! We are planning social nights out in rubber and attending events where we can shine!

In the past, we have been involved in various events such as Vancouver Fetish Weekend each July, marching in Vancouver Pride under the VRM banner, running a demo booth at New Westminster Pride in August, and hosting many Rubbout and Vancouver Men in Leather demos and parties. In 2019, we'd like to host a genuine rubber dress-code play party and do some unique social events.

Typically we do not have Meet + Play socials in the summer June through to September. The events run from October through to April each year!

There is some discussion about VRM hosting a future Mr. Vancouver Rubber or Mr. Northwest Rubber title that would vie for a Pacific Rubber title going on to Mister International Rubber, which takes place in Chicago every November. We are working with our fraternal rubbermen organizations in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco to assess the future feasibility of this. If you've ever dreamed of representing Vancouver and the region with a rubberman title, this may be a great opportunity for you!