About Us

Because rubber men have more fun!

Started in October 2014, the Vancouver Rubbermen is a local fetish group for all men that share the desire and fantasy for rubber gear. Every month a Meet + Play event is hosted providing a safe space to have fun and connect with the rest of the community. the Vancouver Rubbermen want to provide a place that every man can have fun regardess of ethnicity, age, body, or sexuality. Please help us to provide a place with no prejudice or kink shaming.

From and for the men of Metro Vancouver, our visitors, friends and admirers, we are a social group that meets in a fun, relaxed setting for sexy gear play and brotherhood once a month, in addition to other informal play parties, meet ups together before or after other kink events, providing opportunities to build our own kink community and make some rubber bonds along the way. We hold our own or co-hosted fetish nights, bar crawls, games nights, lend our equipment and provide demonstrations, wear rubber to cotton events just to keep everyone on guard, join in the pride parade, give away free gear, raise money for charity and of course help host hundreds of rubbermen from all over the globe for the annual Rubbout rubber and fetish weekend.

VRM was created to fill a need in Metro Vancouver. As Rubbout has grown to become the significant gay fetish regional event it is today, for the local rubbermen, bringing out the latex and rubber once a year was not enough engagement to establish a solid men's rubber community here, though there has and remains to be a demand for it.

Reid Dalgleish (aka Rubber Canuck) originally started the Vancouver Rubbermen with this idea of year-round gear availability and community visibility on October 1, 2014 a few months following Rubbout 23: Gear Up!. After having been to rubber events around North America and Europe, he was convinced that there was a big enough community in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest to foster a legitimate club here.

Having year-round visibility of the rubber community will attract more guys to it. Being able to expose new and curious men to rubber gear and play in a safe and knowledgeable environment is how you build lasting relationships with rubber and with other rubbermen!

In the past, the club has been involved in various events such as Vancouver Fetish Weekend, marching in Vancouver Pride under the VRM banner, running a demo booth at New Westminster Pride, and hosting many Rubbout and Vancouver Men in Leather demo pits. We will be hosting the Demo Pit again at Rubbout 2020: Bonding.