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Metro Vancouver Rubbersexuals Unite!

Even though we can't get together intimately yet (though that day is coming soon...and people are preparing for it), we would like to get the local community together one more time before the holiday season. So, for all of you who are jonesing to get rubbered up and meet other like-minded perverts after such a long strange hiatus, Rubber Muppet and Rubber Canuck would like to invite you to a casual get-together at 2pm on Saturday November 27th, 2021 at Junction Pub, 1138 Davie Street in Davie Village. Nothing fancy - other than you beautiful, shiny people of course, with some announcements and games!

Currently, Vancouver Rubbermen Meet + Play socials and other events are not being organized until further notice. We hope you all stay safe and that we can get back to binding each other in rubber again as soon as possible. In anticipation of improving COVID-19 conditions, and evolving public health orders, we anticipate that we will be able to start up the monthly play socials in early 2022 *crossing our rubbery fingers*

If you have any leads on Metro Vancouver venues that would fulfill VRM's needs, please contact us.

Vancouver Rubbermen (VRM) meet for our monthly MEET+PLAY on the THIRD Saturday of the month, 2pm - 7pm at the Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie Street in Vancouver.

Our Meet+Play events rotate themes and feature demos. VRM members also bring their own rubber bondage equipment, latex rubber gear, diving gear, industrial gear, toys, masks, hoods, clothing, and lots of lube to try at our monthly meets. This allows the new and curious try out the clothing and the varieties of rubber experiences that are possible in a safe environment provided by the more experienced rubbermen in the group. We are also trying a monthly theme that will encourage guys to celebrate and appreciate the full spectrum of rubber interests and passions.

We are trying to make our space more exclusive (a nice private space just for the boys) while also being inclusive and welcoming to the newly engaged and curious.

It is a great opportunity to socialize and network, as we also discuss upcoming events, new trends in gear, rubber, and play, and plan what guys would like for us to do next as a group. If you've ever been curious about wearing rubber or trying out rubber bondage, this is a great opportunity to give it a go! We are behind sliding privacy doors in the big back room at Pumpjack...it's secluded, the vacuum noise is muted, a greeter manages the entrance....we think that's all that needs to be said....a more private room full of rubbermen!

For the most up-to-date information, pictures of our events and communication with the club leaders, request to be added to our closed Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/vancouverrubbermen) follow us on Twitter (@vanrubbermen) or join the conversation on Telegram (search for Vancouver Rubbermen, VRM+P).

More updates to come....


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Remember: request to be added into our Vancouver Rubbermen closed group on Facebook to get upcoming event info! We strive to maintain the integrity and discretion of the closed group, so please fill out the questionnaire to be added, and be respectful or you will not be asked to stay.