This is a page of the assemblies I have found, along with parent organizations (see below).  Please check the ones of interest, especially their About page or statement page about their beliefs.

At the bottom are online fellowships that you can join that could show messianic believers near you.


Agudat Bris Covenant Fellowship, Sydney, Australia
Beit Kodesh (Hebrew Roots Congregation), Norwich, England
Bible Student, Unveiling Bible Truths, Beersel, Belgium
Congregation of Yahweh, Nottingham, England (and Blyth, Bulwell, Chelmsford & London, Derby, and Hitchin)
The Congregation of Yahweh's Witnesses, Eket, Nigeria
Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh, Kenya (also for India and USA)
Messianic Evangelicals, Arvika, Sweden, uses the luni-solar calendar
Seek What is Truth, Pictou, Canada
Set Apart People, Netherlands
Shalom House, Nova Scotia, Canada
Yahweh's Nova Scotia Assembly, Newcastle Upon Tyne (Dewsbury, and more?)

United States of America

Agudat Bris Covenant Fellowship, Temple, Texas
The Anointed of Yahuah, Wake Forest, North Carolina
Assemblies of Yahweh, Bethel, Pennsylvania (started from Assembly of Yahweh then became independent)
Assembly of Yah, Marseilles, Illinois
Assembly of Yahweh, Holt, Michigan (founded in 1930s)
Assembly of Yahweh, Clarksville, Arkansas
Assembly of Yahweh 7th Day, Romney, Texas (founded 1952, changed to current name in 1982)
Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade, Mount Vernon, Washington
Beit HaDerekh, Midland, Texas
Beit Minorah Congregation, Winchester, Kentucky
Beit Tefillah Messanic Home Fellowship, Apache, Oklahoma
Beit Tefillah Messanic Home Fellowship, Wichita Falls, Texas
Beth Goyim Messanic Congregation, Union City, New Jersey
Beth Hallela Messianic Jewish Congregation, Birmingham, Alabama
Beth Ohr Messanic Congregation, Opelika, Alabama
Beth Yeshua Messanic Fellowship, Priest River, Idaho
Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation, Apison, Tennessee lead by Steve Berkson of Now is the Time Ministries
B'nai Israel Messianic Assembly, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Church of Yahweh, Mount Juliet, Tennessee
Congregation Elim, Tigard, Oregon
The Congregation of Atlanta, Tucker, Georgia
Congregation of Yahshua, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Congregation of Yahweh, Independence, Louisiana
Congregation of Yahweh, Milton, Florida
Congregation of Yahweh, Panama City, Florida
Congregation of Yahweh, Summerset, Missouri
Congregation of YHWH, Calhoun, Georgia
Congregation of YHWH, Irving, Texas
Congregation of YHWH, Jerusalem, Carteret, New Jersey
Congregation Rock of Salvation, Paterson, New Jersey
Covenant Fellowship, Temple, Texas
Eagle's Haven Ministry, Banning, California, see also YaHuWaH is Love
El Shaddai Ministries, Tacoma, Washington
Emet Ministries, Prosperity, South Carolina
End of Exile, Coral Springs, Florida
Etz Chayim Congregation, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Family of Messiah Yahushuah, Summerville, South Carolina
Followers of Yah (independent group of believers, Montana address), has a contact directory
Founded in Truth, Fort Mill, South Carolina
Gates of Eden Messianic Ministry, East Peoria, Illinois
The Harvest, Thornton, Colorado
Home of the Waters of Life (Beit Mayim Chayim or BMC), Smithton, Missouri
House of David, Powhatan, Virginia
I Am His Reflection, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
International Congregation of Yahweh, Pocahontas, Arkansas
Joy in the World Ministries, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Kentucky Hebraic Roots Ministry, ??, Kentucky
Living Faith Fellowship, Gardena, California, see also The Love of YHWH
Lunar Sabbath Worship, Detroit, Michigan
Lynchburg Hebraic Fellowship, Lynchburg, Virginia
Messiah's Truth, Texas
Ministers of the New Covenant, Conyers, Georgia
North Texas Fellowship in YHWH, Celina, Texas
On That Day Ministries, Leavenworth, Kansas
Praise Yahweh group lead by Tom Martincic (Eliyah), Missouri
Prodigal Ministries International, Danville, Kentucky
Reach for Yahweh International Ministries, Rocheport, Missouri (part of YRM)
Restoration of all Things, Yisraelite Chaverim Network, Missouri, archive at Yahuah's House of Refuge International Ministries
Restored Covenant Community, East Peoria, Illinois (renamed from Gates of Eden)
Restoring the Latter House, fellowship groups in Michigan and Montana
Ruach V'Emet Synagogue(About Torah) Tulsa, Oklahoma
Roots of FaithSan Francisco, California
Seed of Abraham Fellowship, Merritt Island, Florida
Servants of Yahweh Ministry, Bradyville, Tennessee
Servants of Yahweh Ministry, McMinnville, Texas
Shalom Assembly of Yahweh, Rock Falls, Illinois
Shma Yisrael 7 Ministry, Lakewood, Colorado
Shuvah Yisrael, Irvine, California
Simchat Torah Beit Midrash, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Wyoming
Synagogue Chavurat HaMashiach, Spokane, Washington
Tabernacle of David, Burnsville, Minnesota
The Tabernacle of Yahuah, Montgomery, Alabama
Truth of Yahweh, Scottsdale, Arizona
What Would Yahushua Do?, Charlottsville, Virginia
Yaakov's Flock, central Ohio
Yahad (Essene Study Group), with Jackson Snyder, Skype, Vero Beach, Florida
Yahwah Apostolic Ministries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Yahweh's Assembly in Messiah, Rocheport, Missouri (split from Assemblies of Yahweh in 1980s)
Yahweh's Assembly in Yahshua, Kingdom City, Missouri (split from YAIM in 1985, was called Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly, 1985 to 2006)
Yahweh's Congregation, Jefferson, South Carolina
Yahweh's Evangelical Assembly, Atlanta, Texas
Yahweh's Frytown Assembly, Myerstown, Pennsylvania
Yahweh's Messianic Fellowship, Zeeland, Michigan
Yahweh's Philadelphia Truth Congregation, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Yahwah's Restoration Ministry, Holts Summit, Missouri (split from YAIY in 1998)
Yeshiva HaNateev (House of Study), Fort Worth, Texas
Yeshua HaMashiach Messianic Congregation, Mesa, Arizona

Parent Organizations and Other Listings

There are assemblies, congregations, tabernacles, temples, etc. of Yahuah, Yahuwah, Yahweh, Yahshua, or are messianic, etc. about without an online presence.  See also SAY page 6
Assembly of YHWH Elohim is a parent organization to many assemblies
Messianic Covenant Community has an online directory
Paleotimes Guide and Fellowship list
Assembly of Yah list 1 and List 2
Messianic Congregations in Colorado
Messianic Congregations all over the World from the Messianic TimesMessianic Times
Bringing feastgoers together, locations for the Feast of Tabernacles and cybercast links
The Nazarite Site has a directory of messianic organizations (see below)


With the power of the internet, some sites have member directories of individuals, or groups, that have messianic beliefs.  Please check the following of what their fellowships are.

119 Ministries has a Hebrew Roots Map (Plugged In tab).
Eliyah has a Fellowship Finder.
The Family of Yah Network is a social network
Followers of Yah Worldwide Contact Directory
YHRIM has a Restoration of All Things Yisraelite Chaverim Network
Shabbat for hosting or being a guest on a Shabbat (also a dating aspect) Fellowship has fellowship rooms
World's Last Chance has a community in their Networking

Messianic Jewish Singles, could find a similar believing friend or partner
Messianic Singles, could find a similar believing friend or partner

Messianic Organizations

The Association of Messianic Congregations
Chosen People Ministries
International Messianic Jewish Alliance
International Federation of Sephardic & Ashkenazi Jews
International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues
Messianic Jewish Alliance of America
Messianic Jewish Alliance of Canada
Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations