Confederate Units-Cavalry

1st Virginia Cavalry   
    Co. B Berkeley Troop (Berkeley County)
    Co. D Clarke Cavalry (Clarke Co. VA & Jefferson County)
    Co. F Shepherdstown Troop (Berkeley & Jefferson Counties)

2nd Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles
    Co. D Capt. William S. "Rebel Bill" Smith's Co.
        A muster roll for this company was captured in the Battle of Half Mountain, GA,
        in 1864. It lists the names of 62 men, 58 of whom were from Logan Co., WV.

5th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. G Randolph Cavalry (Randolph County)

7th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. F Hampshire Riflemen (Hampshire & Hardy Counties)
    Co. G Mason Rangers (Jefferson County, also Loudon Co. VA, & MD)

8th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. C Grayson Cavalry (Grayson Co. VA, but also Monroe
        & Mercer Counties
        Co. D(2) Border Greys (Cabell & Mason Counties)
    Co. E. Border Rangers (Cabell, Mason & Wood Counties)
    Co. G Mountain Rangers (Cabell, Putnam, Boone, Kanawha, Lewis,
        Calhoun, Doddridge & Wood Counties)
    Co. H Tazewell Troop (Tazewell Co. VA, & Mercer County)
    Co. I Kanawha Rangers (Kanawha, Fayette & Mason Counties)
    Co. K Fairview Rifle Guards/Sandy Rangers (Wayne County)
    Co. L Greenbrier Mounted Rifles (Greenbrier & Pocahontas Counties)

10th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. G Jackson Rangers (Jackson & Roane Counties)
11th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A Wildcat Cavalry (Berkeley, Morgan & Jefferson Counties)
    Co. B Hardy Rangers (Hardy County)
    Co. D Capt. Edward H. McDonald's Co. (Hampshire & Hardy Counties)
    Co. F Bath Grays (Bath Co. VA, but also Pocahontas County)

12th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A Capt. James W. Glenn's Co. (Jefferson County)
    Co. B Baylor Light Horse (Jefferson County)
    Co. D Capt. Henry W. Kearney's Co. (Jefferson County)
    Co. F Clark's Co. (Berkeley & Jefferson Counties)
14th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A Greenbrier/White's Mounted Riflemen
    Co. D Jenkins' Guards (Greenbrier & Pocahontas County)
    Co. E Knott's Rangers (Cabell, Calhoun, Greenbrier, Putnam
        & Roane Counties)
    Co. F Capt. James Bright Morgan's Co. (Boone, Putnam,
        & Jackson Counties)
    Co. K Greenbrier Swifts (Greenbrier County)
    Co. L Bland's Co (Braxton County)
    Co. M Braxton Dragoons (Braxton, Clay, Nicholas & Roane Counties)

16th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. D Capt. Joseph W. Morris' Co.
    Co. E Capt. Hurston Spurlock's Co. (Wayne County)
    Co. G Capt. Robert H. Park's Co. (Wayne County)
    Co. H Capt. Elisha McKendrick's Co. (Wayne County)
    Co. K Capt. James F. Anderson's Co. (Cabell, Putnam, Wayne
        & Kanawha Counties)

17th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A French's Co. (Mercer & Monroe Counties)
    Co. B Harrison Cavalry (Harrison County)
    Co. C Lewis Cavalry (Lewis County)
    Co. D Gore's Co. (Mercer & Summers Counties)
    Co. E Capt. Jacob C. Staley's Co. (Mrecer County)
    Co. F Nighthawk Rangers (Wood, Jackson, Wirt & Roane Counties)
    Co. G Capt. Frederick Smith's Co. (Roane & Jackson Counties)
    Co. H Capt. Wilson Parson's Co. (Jackson, Roane & Kanawha Counties)
    Co. I Capt. John T. Bland's Co. (Braxton, Nicholas & Clay Counties)
    Co. K Capt. A.B. Pifer's Co. (Harrison, Lewis & Mercer Counties)

17th Battalion Virginia Cavalry
    Co. G Hardy Rangers (Hardy County)

18th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A Capt. William Hammond Taylor's Co. (Randolph, Pendleton
        & Tucker Counties)
    Co. B Capt. George Stump's Co.
    Co. C Capt. Mathias Ginevan's Co. (Hampshire County)
        Co. E(2) South Branch Rifles (Grant, Hardy & Pendleton Counties)
    Co. F Capt. Robert Bruce Muse's Co. (Hampshire & Frederick Co. VA)
        Co. G(2) Capt. William Dickinson Ervin's Co. (Pocahontas, & Highland/Bath VA)
    Co. H Capt. Francis Marion Imboden's Co. (Hampshire & Hardy Counties)
    Co. I Capt. Jacob Warren's Co. (Hardy, Lewis & Hampshire Counties)
    Co. K Alexander Monroe's Co. (Hampshire County)

19th Virginia Cavalry 
    Co. A Moccasin Rangers (Calhoun, Ritchie, Clay & Wetzel Counties)
    Co. B Braxton County Rangers (Gilmer, Jackson & Webster Counties)
    Co. C Capt. Kessler's Co. (Roane, Wirt & Jackson Counties)
    Co. D Capt. John Richter's Co. (Marion & Harrison Counties)
    Co. E. Capt. James Ball's Co. (Gilmer County)
    Co. F Capt. William L. McNeil's Co. (Pocahontas County)
    Co. G Capt. Henry D. Ruffner's Co. (Kanawha, Roane & Greenbrier Counties)
    Co. H. Capt. William P. O'Brien's Co. (Clay, Roane, Webster & Nicholas Counties)
    Co. K Capt. Richard Norris' Co. (Gilmer, Webster & Braxton Counties)
20th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A Capt. Dudley Evans' Co.(Marion, Monongalia, Taylor & Wetzel Counties)
    Co. B Capt. W.W. Arnett's Co. (Marion & Monongalia Counties)
    Co. C Capt. Elihu Hutton's Co. (Randolph & Preston Counties)
    Co. E Capt. John W. Young's Co. (Lewis & Harrison Counties)
    Co. F Capt. Asbury Lewis' Co. (Lewis & Upshur Counties)
    Co. G Wood County Grays (Wood & Pleasants County)
    Co. H Capt. Joseph Hayhurst's Co. (Calhour, Ritchie & Pleasants Counties)
    Co. I Capt. Henry L. Heiskell's Co. (Harrison, Greenbrier, Pocahontas,
        Ohio, Gilmer & some VA Counties)

21st Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A Capt. Halsey's Co. (Cabell & Wayne Counties)
    Co. H Capt. John Calhoun Summers' Cp. (Monroe & Nelson Co. VA)

23rd Virginia Cavalry
    Co. C Capt. Christian S. White's Co. (Hardy & Hampshire Counties)
    Co. E Capt. Joshua M. "Mort" Lovett's Co. (Hampshire County)

26th Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A Capt. Edmund J. Jarvis' Co. (Ritchie, Webster, Taylor, Pleasants,
        Tyler & Doddridge Counties)
    Co. B Capt. George J. Davisson's Co. (Lewis & Upshur Counties)
    Co. C Capt. John M. Burns' Co. (Marion, Monongalia, Wetzel
        & Ritchie Counties)
    Co. D Capt. James E. Smith's Co. (Jackson, Roane & Webster Counties)
    Co. F Capt. John B. Lee's Co. (Wirt, Calhoun, Monroe & Jackson Counties)
    Co. G Capt. Elias M. Walker's Co. (Bath Co. VA, & Pocahontas County)
    Co. K Capt. James R. "Jack" Apperson's Co. (Pocahontas, Greenbrier,
        & Randolph Counties)

34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A Capt. Vincent A. "Clawhammer" Witcher's Co. (Wayne County)
    Co. B Capt. William Straton's Co. (Logan, Lincoln, Cabell & McDowell
    Co. C McDowell Partisan Rangers (McDowell & Tazewell Co. VA)
    Co. D Capt. Barnett Carter's Co. (Logan County)
    Co. E. Capt. John Yost's Co. (Tazewell Co. VA, & McDowell County)
    Co. G Capt. Leonidas A. Webb's Co. (Logan County)
    Co. K Capt. James T. Sweeney's Co. (Mercer, Summers, Wyoming &
        Raleigh Counties)

36th Battalion Virginia Cavalry
    Co. A Capt. Cornelius Timothy Smith's Co. (Greenbrier & Monroe Counties)
    Co. B Braxton Dragoons (Braxton, Clay, Roane & Nicholas Counties)
    Co. C Capt. Morris Kirtley's Co. (Cabell & Putnam Counties)
    Co. D Capt. Edwin G. Zane's Co. (Ohio, Wood, Greenbrier &
        Kanawha Counties)
    Co. E Capt. James B. Morgan's Co. (Boone, Putnam & Jackson Counties)
    Capt. Benjamin J. Smith's Co. (Wayne County)
    Capt. John C. Chafin's Co. (Logan County)
    Capt. Melvin B. Lawson's Co. (Logan County)
37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry
    Co. E Capt. Edgar C. Phelp's Co. (Jackson County)
McNeill's Company of Virginia Cavalry, Partisan Rangers (McNeill's Rangers)
    (Hampshire, Hardy & Pendleton Counties)

Swann's Battalion of Virginia Cavalry
    Capt. Elias Vincent's Co. (Wayne County)
    Capt. William J. Sweeney's Co. (Wyoming County)
    Capt. Jonathan Lilly's Co. (Mercer County)
    Capt. Peter M. Carpenter's Co. (Logan County)
    Capt. William B. Watkins' Co. (Logan, Boone, Cabell, Wayne
        & McDowell Counties)

Thurmond's Rangers 
    Co. A Capt. James Halstead's Co. (Greenbrier, Nicholas & Fayette Counties)
    Co. B Capt. John D. Thurmond's Co. (Summers & Fayette Counties)
    Co. C Capt. Joseph A. McClung's Co. (Greenbrier & Nicholas Counties)
    Co. D Capt. Christopher A. Hawver's Co. (Fayette, Greenbrier
        & Monroe Counties)
    Co. E Capt. Robert Gwinn's Co. (Monroe & Summers Counties)
    Co. F Capt. Joseph N. Huffman's Co. (Monroe, Fayette, Raleigh
        & Summers Counties)
    Capt. Philip W. Snider's Co. (Greenbrier County)
    Capt. James Bumgardner's Co. (Greenbrier & Nicholas Counties)
    Capt. Samuel Tyree's Co. (Fayette, Monroe & Summers Counties)
    Fayette Rangers-Capt. Philip James Thurmond (Monroe, Fayette,
        Raleigh, Kanawha & Summers Counties)
    Capt. William D. Thurmond's Co. (Fayette, Raleigh, Wyoming
        & Summers Counties)
    Capt. William B. Watkin's Co. (Logan County)

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