This wiki site is all about "knockoff" (KO) plastic brick building sets from alternative (non-Lego) brick manufacturers.
It started through discussions in this thread on the Australian Whirlpool (WP) forums. Current thread is here.

Many KO sets are direct copies of retired or current Lego sets or sets from other manufacturers such as Kawada, who make Nanoblock sets. Some copies are 100%, and others substitute a handful of parts, as discussed here.
There's also a FAQ that covers most questions about KO bricks which you should take a look at.

Beyond the replica "bootlego" sets and figs, alternative brick manufacturers offer a whole new world of original set, minifig, and part designs that cover themes TLG (The Lego Group) would never create sets for, or do not hold licenses for. Among these are many military vehicles, planes, ships and minifigs, religious buildings, niche IPs/characters (video games, anime, Asian TV/movies/literature, and cult superheroes, for example), and also some just plain weird sets that might be your thing.

Other original designs cover the same ground as TLG, with modular, architecture, and creator-style buildings, police, fire, medical and transport services, construction, vehicles, ships, trains, planes, princesses, castles, pirates, space, sports, robots, and racing sets.

Finding Stuff

WP KO Bricks Wiki is the most comprehensive site of its kind with sortable lists of over 2000 KO sets/items spread across 30+ of the most popular manufacturer/brand pages, all with direct product links to online stores or company websites.

You can access brand pages from the manufacturer overview page or via the links below the Manufacturers entry in the Navigation bar to the left. Click the disclosure triangle to view.

You can also use the wiki search function at the top right to find a set by name (or number). This shows all pages that contain your search term.

The lists do not contain all sets available from all manufacturers (but we're working on it). You are encouraged to add other sets to flesh things out. See FAQ - Wiki Edits for details on contributing to the wiki.

Set Status

Where the current set status is known, an entry is shown in the Status column of each manufacturer list.
  • "Available" indicates the set can be purchased through AliExpress or another shopping portal. It will usually ship/arrive within two to four weeks, depending on shipping method.

  • "Pre-Order" indicates the set will be available for purchase and/or shipping within the next 30-60 days. On occasion, a manufacturing issue (or holiday period) can draw this out to 90 days.

  • Blank or "Unconfirmed" indicates a rumoured set.
    Please note that unconfirmed sets may not ever be manufactured.

  • "Announced" entries indicate a set that has been confirmed, but the release date is unavailable.