Sumerian Tablets - written later

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Sumerian Tablets - written later

Post 1 (posted on Nov 4, 2011) :

Endubsar had written the Sumerian Tablets before the Sumerian clay tablets were written. The myth in
the clay Sumerian Tablets, which have been found and used for the  Sumerian translations, were only written later based on:

1. what had happened earlier,

2. the instructions given, by
Enki, earlier on,

3. the earlier writings that were written on Lapis lazuli.

From the words of the Attestation of the scribe Endubsar, as quoted below, the Sumerian myth and Attestation were written on Lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli is a gemstone. It is a semi-precious stone that is quite rare. It is a blue-coloured rock or stone, which is why it has been referred to as a stone tablet in the Attestation. The  Sumerian translations, on the other hand, were based on what was written on clay tablets. Thus, the translation was not of the original writings but of something that was based on the original. The Sumerian myth which we have, based on the translation, may not be that accurate because of this. But this does not mean that what had happened is not there within the myth, in a hidden form. The Mapmakers will be able to pick out that which is relevant.

This, re-writing of the Sumerian myth, reminds me of an experience which I had (soon after
my past birth had emerged in 1996). My past birth gained control and then went into the subtle state so as to see what has happened from his time until now. And he (I) saw that the myths had been changed from what it originally was. This does not mean that I will not be able to explain the myths. I, as the Mapmaker, will be able to explain it because in subsequent births (after the original Copper Aged Mapmaker birth) I saw and heard what was being done to the myths. I was also involved with the myths. I had a few births, in the Copper Age, who were involved with giving immortality to their birth roles. They were successful because those birth roles were in an emerged state in 1997. At the End of the Cycle, it is the soul who plays the role of the Mapmaker to explain, based on all the emerged memories within the soul. If a past birth is in an emerged state, it is easy to know his memories. Further, I have God helping me now with the explanations.

In the
Attestation of the scribe Endubsar, it was said:

1. But I saw no clay tablets nor containers of wet clay.

2. Endubsar the scribe, what do you see? And I looked and saw the glowing rayed upon the table and the stones and the stylus, and I said: I see stone tablets, and their hue is blue as pure as the sky.

3. And the voice said: These are the tablets upon which you shall inscribe my words. By my wish they have been cut of the finest lapis lazuli, each with two smooth faces provided.

4. and I took the tablets, and put them one by one in their correct order in the chest. And the chest was made of acacia wood and it was inlaid with gold on the outside.
Post 2 (posted on
Nov 4, 2011) :

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Post 3 (posted on
Nov 9, 2011) :

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