Signs of Reptilians Using the Sciences in the Attestation

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Signs of Reptilians Using the Sciences in the Attestation

Post on Nov 5, 2011 :

was not there when the clay Sumerian tablets, which we have now, were written. More on this is discussed at:

Sumerian Tablets - written later

my past birth played the role of Enki, Enki actually represents God using instruments on earth. So, many could have been seen to be used as Enki. If they played a role that was what Enki's role represented, then they use the role of Enki.

Copper Aged Reptilians, who were carrying out the instructions of Enki, had got the myth and Attestation written. They had taken the initiative to get scribes to get the myth, and Attestation, inscribed on tablets.

Copper Aged Reptilians had the UFOs, the advanced sciences and instruments, created through using the advanced sciences, with them. They were using these to create 'effects' to make the mythical events and Life-Drama, relating to the myth, look spiritual and magical. They used the sciences to carry out all of the Copper Aged Reptilian service. They were doing this so as to develop people's faith in the Copper Aged Reptilian  service and in religions. They knew that humanity needed religions to guide them to behave in a virtuous manner, from the beginning of the Copper Age. So they did their best to make sure that people follow religious paths. They had just lost their divine world, where everyone was behaving in a virtuous manner. So, they had to do something to make people continue behaving in a virtuous manner.

Endubsar seeing the Reptilian UFO was associated to 'divine vision' because of the:

Reptilians' connection to Enki,

2. effects of the sciences on the ignorant man.

It was
only a few who had the usage of the sciences at that time. Most of the people did not know much about the sciences. So, they could be deceived to think that something magical and vision-like was happening.

All the relevant words, which I am discussing on, have been picked out from the
Attestation and given as a quote at the bottom of this post.

The “Whirlwind”, which
Endubsar saw, were the UFOs that were used by those who were carrying out the Copper Aged Reptilian service (as directed by Enki). The 4 feet that spread out from it's belly were the stands of the UFOs, which enabled it to land properly on the ground. The brilliance (lighting etc) of the craft disappeared because the craft was switched off, after landing. The fact that Endubsar prostrated himself when he saw all these, shows his ignorance and obedience.

There would be greater sanskaras of obedience within the
Copper Aged people. It is as the vices keep increasing in us that we will have desires of wanting to be the authority and of not wanting to obey or prostrate oneself before an higher authority.

The 2 men, who had carried
Endubsar between the earth and the Heavens (sky), were actually wearing equipment to help them with flight. This was why Endubsar saw them wearing garments that “were sparkling like burnished brass”.

The 2 men did not take
Endubsar in the UFO because that would have enabled him to see that they were using a craft. The sight of everything in the craft would have taken away the magical effect of the act. So, they carried him in the sky, within a safe distance from the grounds (which was why Endubsar could see all that which was below on earth).

Chemical sprays etc can be used, as an anesthetic, to make a person unconscious (as
Endubsar was made unconscious before he was brought into the room and taken out of the room). In modern anesthetic practices, there are a wide variety of drugs that are used, as anesthetic agents, to bring about a state of anesthesia. In modern anesthetic practices, a wide variety of medical equipment are also used, depending on whether it is for portable field use, surgical operations or intensive care support, and the types of anesthetics that is to be administered.

Copper Aged Reptilians, who used the anaesthetic practices, had possessed a comprehensive and intricate knowledge:

1. of the production and use of various material for anesthetic practices,

2. about the variety of anesthetic machines that could be used for anesthetic practices.

The fact that
Endubsar became unconscious just before he was brought to the room and just before he was taken out of the room itself suggests that some form of anesthetic agent was sprayed near him and into the room, which he was in, so as to make him unconscious.

Just before the first time when
Endubsar became unconscious, the 2 men had just let go of his hands to allow him to touch his feet on the ground. The moment they let go of his hands, a brilliance (bright light) engulfed and overwhelmed Endubsar, and he collapsed on the ground unconscious. It should be noted that Endubsar was put down at the gateway of Enki's abode. Thus, he must have been left on soft grounds (like grass, sand etc) so that he would not have any injuries if he drops. Since the light came on so quickly, upon landing, there may be a possibility that the 2 men may have done something to bring about the light and make him unconscious. They would have also been nearby to give a helping hand to make sure that Endubsar is not injured during the fall. Since they were wearing garments for flight, they would not have been affected by the anesthetic spray. When the 2 men put Endubsar down, after having taken him to Enki's place, the 'brilliance' effect caught Endubsar's attention and so Endubsar would not have been aware that something had been sprayed near him so as to make him unconscious. Even if his attention was not turned to the light, he would not have been aware that an anesthetic spray had just been used, if the instrument had been properly hidden etc. People who have the sciences can also find ways to administer the anesthetic agents from a distance, without being seen.

Usually, during modern medical practices, after having been given anesthesia for an operation, one becomes conscious again when someone calls one's name so as to bring one out of the unconscious state. When one opens one's eyes, as a result, it would seem like as if one has been awakened from a deep sleep. This was also what
Endubsar had gone through after being made unconscious, during the first time.

Just before the second time, when he was made unconscious,
Endubsar had bowed to the ground. So, he would have been in a safe position, when the anesthetic agent was sprayed into the room. Thus, he would not have experienced any injury anywhere. Injuries and pain would make one suspicious if it really was a divine experience. It should also be noted that no-one else was there with him when he became unconscious. So, he would not have seen others dropping down before he became unconscious. When one is subjected to anesthetic sprays etc, one is not aware that one is being given something. One will just become unconscious instantly like as when one slips into sleep.

After the second anesthetic experience,
Endubsar was in the fields outside Eridu, when he became conscious. The field provides a place for a craft to land. So Endubsar must have been safely and easily taken there through using a UFO.

Endubsar became conscious again, he would have still been a little drowsy. So, he would not have been aware that the Reptilians were still around, observing him so as to make sure that he was alright etc, before leaving.They may have been in the craft, which may have been high up in the sky.

If you read the
Attestation by Endubsar, it would be obvious that Endubsar did not see Enki there, in the room, while Enki was speaking. There was only a voice which claimed that he was Enki talking to Endubsar. In the Attestation, Endubsar had said “And although I could hear it, I could not tell whence the voice came, nor could I see whoever it was that spoke. And I said, Here I am.”

Enki is supposed to have spoken to Endubsar, it was the representatives of Enki who were actually speaking. Advanced scientific instruments (similar to the mikes and speakers which we have) were used by them to speak and communicate with Endubsar, even though they were not in the room. They had said what they had said because Enki had said it earlier. So, what they had uttered were the words of Enki. But anyone who plays the role of Enki is also Enki. So, Enki was speaking though it may not have been the original Enki.

Copper Aged Reptilians, who were the representatives of Enki or who played the role of Enki, had used the sciences to make themselves look magical etc so that they can make people think that Enki was saying it, as if in a vision kind of atmosphere. The auras and light effects, which the Copper Aged Reptilians used, through using the sciences would have made the experience look more like a magical vision-like experience too. If these effects are switched off, then it can seem like as if the presence of Enki is not there in the room anymore.

From the contents of the
Attestation, it is obvious that lightings had been used by the Reptilians so as to give the effect that “light was guiding Endubsar”. One who is ignorant of the sciences, relating to lights, might think that it was Enki's (God's) spiritual light that is guiding them. Enki is actually God using instruments on earth. God is a Point of Light. His vibrations are also light. Thus, lightings were used to represent Godly guidance.

At the beginning of the
Copper Age, those who had walked out of the divine world had correctly known that God was light. Thus, subsequent generations got informed that God was Light. However, since God was represented through human instruments on earth, later generations slowly got confused as to who God is.

The stylus, used by
Endubsar, was said to be a god's handiwork. The 'god', who was being referred to, was a member of the Anunnaki clan. Enki was also one of the members of the Anunnaki clan, which is also why he was seen as a god. The Anunnaki were the Deity Souls who were within the ruling clan, in the Copper Age.

Since the
Copper Aged Reptilians were using the sciences, arts, crafts etc to add 'effects' so as to make it all look so spiritual and magical; the later Copper Aged Reptilians could have also added a little fantasy into what they were saying, so as to accommodate the mystery behind it all. The later generations did not see it all happen. They had only heard about it. So, there would have been a mystery about what had really happened.

The following words reflect the usage of the sciences in the Attestation and it also portrays the ignorance of Endubsar in respect of the sciences.

Words from the
Attestation by Endubsar: And I looked up and to and behold, a Whirlwind came out of the south. There was a reddish brilliance about it and it made no sound. And as it reached the ground, four straight feet spread out from its belly and the brilliance disappeared. And I threw myself to the ground and prostrated myself, for I knew that it was a divine vision. And when I lifted my eyes, there were two divine emissaries standing near me. And they had the faces of men, and their garments were sparkling like burnished brass. And they called me by name and spoke to me, saying: You are summoned by the great god the lord Enki. Fear not, for you are blessed. And we are here to take you aloft, and carry you unto his retreat in the Land of Magan, on the island amidst the River of Magan, where the sluices are. And as they spoke, the Whirlwind lifted itself as a fiery chariot and was gone. And they took me by my hands, each one grasping me by one hand. And they lifted me and carried me swiftly between the Earth and the heavens, as the eagle soars. And I could see the land and the waters, and the plains and the mountains. And they let me down on the island at the gateway of the great god's abode. And the moment they let go of my hands, a brilliance as I had never seen before engulfed and overwhelmed me, and I collapsed on the ground as though voided of the spirit of life. My life senses returned to me, as if awakened from the deepest sleep, by the sound of the calling of my name. I was in some kind of an enclosure. It was dark but there was also an aura. Then my name was called again, by the deepest of voices. And although I could hear it, I could not tell whence the voice came, nor could I see whoever it was that spoke. And I said, Here I am. Then the voice said to me: Endubsar, offspring of Adapa, I have chosen you to be my scribe, that you write down my words on the tablets. And all at once there appeared a glowing in one part of the enclosure. And I saw a place arranged like a scribal workplace: a scribe's table and a scribe's stool, and there were finely shaped stones upon the table. But I saw no clay tablets nor containers of wet clay. And there lay upon the table only one stylus, and it glistened in the glowing as no reed stylus ever did. And the voice spoke up again, saying: Endubsar, son of Eridu city, my faithful servant. I am your lord Enki, I have summoned you to write down my words, for I am much distraught by what has befallen Mankind by the Great Calamity. It is my wish to record the true course of the events, to let gods and men alike know that my hands are clean. … And the voice paused, and all at once there appeared a glowing in another part of the enclosure. And I saw a table and upon it a plate and a cup. … And thereafter the voice directed me to sit myself at the scribal table, and the glowing there intensified. I could see neither door nor aperture where I was, yet the glowing was as strong as the midday sun. And the voice said: Endubsar the scribe, what do you see? And I looked and saw the glowing rayed upon the table and the stones and the stylus, and I said: I see stone tablets, and their hue is blue as pure as the sky. And I see a stylus as I have never seen before, its stem unlike any reed and its tip shaped like an eagle's talon. And the voice said: These are the tablets upon which you shall inscribe my words. By my wish they have been cut of the finest lapis lazuli, each with two smooth faces provided. And the stylus you see is a god's handiwork, its handle made of electrum and its tip of divine crystal. It shall firmly fit in your hand and what you shall engrave with it shall be as easy as marking upon wet clay. … I touched one of the stones, and the surface thereof felt like a smooth skin, soft to the touch. And I picked up the holy stylus, and it felt like a feather in my hand....And I, Endubsar, bowed to the ground and said: But how will I know what to say? ... And then there was silence, and the auras were extinguished, and the spirit left me. And when I regained my senses, I was in the fields outside Eridu.


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