11th Annual Wisconsin Metaethics Workshop (2014)


Metaethicists, mark your calendars: the 11th Annual will be held in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, on Sept 12-14, 2014.

About the Workshop

The Wisconsin Metaethics Workshop is designed to provide an annual forum for new work in metaethics, broadly construed to range across issues in the metaphysics, semantics, and epistemology of morality, as well as issues concerning moral motivation and the relation between morality and practical reason. The workshop is designed to provide an opportunity for speakers to receive constructive feedback from interested colleagues, and for other participants to become acquainted with new work in the field.


Registration for the workshop is free. To register, simply send an email indicating your desire to attend to its organizer, Russ Shafer-Landau (shaferlandau@wisc.edu). Those who register will receive periodic updates about the workshop.

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts (of 2-3 double-spaced pages) of papers in any area of metaethics are due by May 1, 2014. Abstracts must be prepared for blind review. There is a limit of one submission per person. Speakers in the 2012 or 2013 workshop are not eligible to submit abstracts for this year’s event. A program committee will evaluate submissions and make decisions by early June 2014. Please send abstracts to workshop organizer Russ Shafer-Landau: shaferlandau@wisc.edu


9am – 10:15am AGNES CALLARD (University of Chicago)
                         Proleptic Reasons
                             Chair: David Faraci (UNC)

10:45am – Noon ANDREW SEPIELLI (Toronto)
                          Moral Realism without Moral Metaphysics
                             Chair: Annette Bryson (Michigan)

1:45pm – 3pm JENNIFER HAWKINS (Duke)
                           Internalism and Prudential Value
                              Chair: Brad Cokelet (Miami)

3:30 – 4:45pm JANICE DOWELL (Syracuse)
                            Millikan, Metasemantics, and Moral Twin Earth
                            **WINNER, Marc Sanders Prize in Metaethics**
                               Chair: Terence Cuneo (Vermont)

5:15pm – 6:30pm GRAHAM ODDIE (Colorado)
                            Fitting Attitudes, Value Bearers, and Solitary Goods
                                Chair: Carlos Núñez (Stanford)

8pm – 11pm DRINKS PARTY
                        Memorial Union (room TBA)
                        No registration required; cash bar

9am – 10:15am ALEXANDRA PLAKIAS (Hamilton College)
                         Debunking, Diversity, and Doubt
                                Chair: Daniel Wodak (Princeton)

10:45am – Noon PHILIP STRATTON-LAKE (Reading)
                          Self-Evidence, Intuition and Justification
                                Chair: Eric Wiland (UMSL)

1:45pm – 3pm MATTHEW SILVERSTEIN (NYU Abu Dhabi)
                         Teleology and Normativity
                                Chair: Jack Woods (Bilkent)

3:30pm – 4:45pm GUY FLETCHER (Edinburgh)
                          Moral Testimony: Once More with Feeling
                                Chair: Joshua Schechter (Brown)

5:15pm – 6:30pm BILLY DUNAWAY (Oxford)
                           Expressivism and Normative Metaphysics
                                 Chair: Jada Strabbing (Fordham)

7pm – 9pm WORKSHOP BANQUET (more information below)
Samba Brazilian Grill 240 W. Gilman St.
Registration by Sept. 9th required

9:30am – 10:45am JUSTIN SNEDEGAR (St. Andrews)
                             Reasons, Oughts and Requirements
                                     Chair: Teemu Toppinen (Helsinki)

11:15am – 12:30pm BRIAN HEDDEN (Oxford)
                             Does MITE Make Right? On Decision-Making under Normative Uncertainty
                                      Chair: Sarah Stroud (McGill)

Social Events

Drinks Party

There will be a drinks party at UW’s Memorial Union (a half-block from the Pyle Center) on Friday night, Sept. 12th, from 8-11pm. All workshop attendees are invited. There will be a cash bar serving beer and wine. The specific room for the reception is determined the day of the event and will be announced during the workshop. No registration required.

Workshop Banquet

There will be a workshop dinner on Saturday night, Sept. 13th, at 7pm, at Samba Brazilian Grill. Samba is located at 240 W. Gilman Street, about 5 blocks from the Pyle Center. All workshop attendees are invited. Please email Russ Shafer-Landau (shaferlandau@wisc.edu) by Sept. 9th to register, and please include your preference for the vegetarian option or the one that includes meat. The vegetarian menu includes a wide variety of salads, grilled vegetables, vegetarian appetizers and cheeses. The meat option includes the vegetarian menu, plus a selection of five grilled meats. The cost is $40/person for those who prefer the meat option, and $25 for vegetarians. Tax and tip are included in the price; drinks are not. There will be a cash bar available. The restaurant kindly requests that you pay at the dinner with cash only. (There are ATMs along the route to the restaurant, and an ATM in the restaurant itself.)

Travel to Madison

Madison is serviced by the Dane County/Madison Airport (airport code: MSN). Travel time from the airport to the hotels and the Pyle Center is 10-15 minutes; cab fare will be about $15.
There is frequent bus service from Milwaukee (appx. an hour and a half) via Badger Bus Lines (877-292-8259), and from Chicago (appx. three hours), via Van Galder Bus Lines (800-747-0994). Both buses stop at the Memorial Union (a half-block from the Pyle Center).


Workshop attendees are eligible for a special workshop rate at the following three hotels. When booking a room, you must mention that you are attending the Metaethics Workshop to qualify for the special rate, and must make reservations prior to August 11th in order to obtain this rate. The Lowell Center and Campus Inn are a half block from the Pyle Center. The Doubletree is four blocks from the Pyle Center.

LOWELL CENTER(1-866-301-1753)
The single rate is $89 per night, and the double rate is $101 per night (exclusive of hotel tax of 14.5%). Rate includes breakfast. Parking is $8/day, or free at a lot three blocks away. The Lowell Center is located about a half block from the Pyle Center. When making on-line reservations,
you must use the option for “Conference or Event Block Reservations." The Group Code is Metaethics Workshop. (There are some deluxe rooms with a lake view that may be available for an extra charge—ask the reservations agent for details if you are interested.) On-line reservations can be made here.

DOUBLETREE HOTEL MADISON (1-608-251-5511 or 1-800-222-8733)
The rate is $149 per night (exclusive of hotel tax of 14.5%) for up to four people. The hotel operates a free shuttle service to and from the Madison airport. (Call ahead to arrange for shuttle transportation.) The hotel also offers free parking. The Group Reservation code is AMW; The Group ID is 307472. On-line reservations can be made here.

THE CAMPUS INN (1-800-589-6285)
The rate is $135 per night (exclusive of hotel tax of 14.5%) for one or two persons. Free breakfast and afternoon hors d’oeuvres are included, as is free parking and free taxi service to and from the Madison airport (call ahead to arrange for cab service). The Group Name is Metaethics; The Group Reservation Code is 128608. On-line reservations can be made here.

Workshop Location

The Metaethics Workshop will take place in Room 325/6 of the Pyle Center at the University of Wisconsin. The Pyle Center is located at the heart of the UW campus, within a minute’s walk of Lake Mendota, the Memorial Union, and State Street shops and restaurants. The Pyle Center can be easily found on the campus map.

The Marc Sanders Prize in Metaethics

This annual competition is designed to encourage outstanding work by younger scholars in the field of metaethics. Graduate students, independent scholars, and those within 15 years of receiving their Ph.D. are eligible to submit a paper, prepared for blind review, to Russ Shafer-Landau (shaferlandau@wisc.edu). Deadline: March 1, 2014. Word limit: 12,000 words, inclusive of notes and references. The winner will be selected by a panel of experts in the field and will receive an $10,000 prize. The winner will present the paper at the Workshop and will have his or her paper included in Oxford Studies in Metaethics. Full details of the prize competition can be found here.


Many thanks to UW-Madison's College of Letters & Sciences for generous funding to support the workshop.

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