Dayton 2013

Another view of Antennas

InnovAntennas at the Dayton Amateur Radio Association Communications Van at the entrance to Hara Arena.

Views of the MFJ Booth and Hara Arena. It is impossible to describe the Dayton Hamvention even in pictures. You really need to be there to get the full effect.

MFJ Booth -- Side View
Patriot P80 antenna

The P80 by RadioWavz is a nice little portable antenna for 80 meters

One of the many inside vendors.

Ten-Tec booth showing their project boxes.

Another view of the Ten-Tec booth.

One of the Ten-Tec radios.

Weird Guy with tower and Yagi.

The huge Hara Arena is about 1/5 of the inside booths. The flea market area is about 10 rows deep all the way around the complex.

Inside tables cost $650 each and outside flea market spaces cost 70-100 for each 10' x 10' space.