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West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society

P.O. Box 3382

Jackson, TN 38303

Phone: 731-420-3740

Members regularly monitor the 147.210 MHz plus offset and a tone of 107.2 Hz repeater. There is a second repeater on the same

frequency at Medina with a PL Tone of 110.9 Hz. The received signal at Medina is re-transmitted at Jackson. Both repeaters are transmitting

at the same time, so some interference may occur. The Jackson repeater is a Yaesu FUSION repeater and is capable of transmitting digital C4FM.

If you do not have digital capability, you may set your DECODE tone to 107.2 Hz. That way you will not hear the white noise that a normal FM radio

will hear when a digital radio is transmitting.

Club meetings are usually at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of each month at the Jackson-Madison County EOC,

239 Grady Montgomery Dr., Jackson TN (across from McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport.



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WTARS dues are $24.00 per year for individuals and $2.00 additional for each licensed family member. All dues are for maintenance of WTARS repeaters in WEST TENNESSEE. Please make dues payments out to: West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society, P.O. Box 3382, Jackson, Tennessee 38303-3382

All members have voting rights and privileges afforded by WTARS bylaws.

Thanks for your interest and we welcome you to HAM radio and WTARS.


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Do not send cash to the P.O. Box. Send only a check or money order!