Field Day 2013

Other Field Day 2013 Pictures

Field Day 2013 was a great success! We had over 33 participants and the GOTA (Get On The Air) station was fully utilized. Several youngsters and technician licensed hams made their first HF contacts with the GOTA station. We made about 450 contacts overall. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Natalie Potts of WBBJ-TV interviewing EOC Operations Manager, Jimmy Floyd NQ4U

Natalie Potts from WBBJ-TV interviewing Jimmy Floyd NQ4U, Jackson-Madison County EOC Operations Manager

Philip KG4NVN and Hans KK4CIO operating voice with Mr. Wollom observing.

Philip KG4NVN and Hans KK4CIO operating voice in the EOC radiio room. Mr. Wollom from the Tennessee State Guard observimg.

Kenny AB4EG and Tim KK4DTT working JT-65.

Kenny AB4EG and Tim KK4DTT operating JT-65, a relatively new digital mode that has a world-wide following.

Lee KF4NZV operating the GOTA station

Communications Trailer used for the GOTA station.

Walt making a JT-65 contact

Walt W3DDT making a JT-65 contact.

Stan AA5XO working 40 MTR voice.

Stan AA5XO working on 40 METER voice.

Tom AI4DB trying to make a satelite contact.