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WTARS Club Constitution

West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society


EIN: 84-1716174


Name: The name of this organization shall be the West
Tennessee Amateur Radio Society.


Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be the
promotion of interest in amateur radio communications
and experimentation; the relaying of messages by radio
without charge; the furtherance of the public welfare;
the advancement of the radio art; the fostering and
promotion of intercommunication by electronic means
for the personal benefit of members and without pecu-
niary gain; the fostering of education in the field of
electronic communications and the dissemination of
knowledge and information by electronic means. The
Society strongly supports and encourages an active
relationship with emergency and disaster relief organi-
approved by a majority of those members present at the
next regularly scheduled business meeting. A mini-
mum of eleven monthly business meetings will be held
each year.


Membership: Full membership in the Society shall be
open to any licensed amateur having an interest in the
purpose of the Society upon payment of annual dues.
Persons who are not licensed amateurs, but who have an
interest in the purpose of the Society, may become
Associate members upon payment of annual dues. Other
types of membership may be authorized in the bylaws.
The amount of dues in each class of membership and
method of determining dues will be specified in the


Officers: There shall be a President, a Vice President,
a Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Equipment Officer
whose duties, elegibility for office, removal from of-
fice, succession and terms of office are defined in the
bylaws of the West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society.
These elected officers make up the Executive Committee
in its entirety.


Meetings: The time and place of meetings will be
recommended by the Executive Committee and
Society Radio Station: Radio station(s) for the use of
licensed amateur radio operators may be maintained.
The operation of the station(s) will be under the jurisdic-
tion of the Trustee named on the station license and the
operation of the station(s) must be conducted in a
manner satisfactory and acceptable to the Trustee and in
accordance with the Federal Communications Com-
mission rules and regulations.


Committees: Committees shall be established to oper-
ate the Society in the most efficient and effective
manner possible. The specific committees and their
respective duties are defined in the bylaws.


Quorum: No binding action may be taken by the
Society unless a quorum is present at Society meetings.
A quorum shall consist of ten percent (10%) of the
Society’s total voting membership.


No part of the assets or income of our corporation shall
be the property of any member or members, but such
assets and income shall be devoted exclusively to the
purposes herein set forth.

The West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society is organized
exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as
defined within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue Code; including the fostering of
education in the field of electronic communications and
the dissemination of knowledge by electronic means.


Amendments: This Constitution may be amended by
two-thirds of the voting members of the Society. Ab-
sentee ballots will be permitted for this purpose.


Authority: The purpose of this document, and its
bylaws, is to update and clarify points of possible
confusion in previous documents. Upon adoption of
this Constitution, all prior versions of bylaws and
amendments of the organization previously known as
the Jackson Radio Club, Inc. will become null and void.
This Constitution along with the Society’s bylaws will
be the primary documents controlling the Society’s
operations and business.

This Constitution was approved and adopted on the
19th day of August, 1993.


Kenny Johns, AB4EG, President

Tim Clark, KB4RPV, Secretary