Pastured Poultry

Why Choose Pastured Poultry?

We began raising Cornish Crosses (Cornish x White Plmouth Rocks) on pasture in 2011 using techniques similar to Joel Salatin's. Once the brooding period is over for the meat birds, they are moved to portable pens in the pastures at our farm where they are able to access fresh ground each day. In addition to what they forage for on their own, they are fed a natural grain produced by a local mill that's free of any by-products, antibiotics or hormones. They are later processed on the farm.

Our laying flock consists of a variety of Sustainable Heritage Breed hens including Buff Orpingtons and Black Australorps. These birds remain in their coop during extremely cold weather and free-range the rest of the season. Their foraging is supplemented with a grain-based feed from a local mill that's free of any by-products, antibiotics or hormones.

This pasture-based system creates the most nutritious meat and eggs possible as pastured animals have much higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids as well as more Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Beta Carotenes when compared to strictly grain-fed animals that often spend their entire lives indoors in a small pen. Pastured poultry is also lower in fat and calories and yet more flavorful than its factory-farmed counterpart.

Since we have a rather small operation, organic certification is not practical for us so we are not certified organic nor do we intend to become certified. We feel that our poultry is "better than organic" since we use sustainable practices AND ensure that the animals are well cared for, live outdoors in a protected environment and are treated humanely.



Whole Chicken, $x.xx per pound*

Whole Turkey, $x.xx per pound

Dozen Eggs, $2 each

* Pricing for specific cuts is available upon request. - Contact us for more information.



Chicken is available fresh on several dates throughout the season, which runs May through September. Pick-up or delivery for fresh chickens will begin again in 2013.

2013 - Sold Out


Unfortunately we will not be offering any more turkeys in 2013 - we plan to have some available throughout the 2014 season.

Chicken Eggs

Available throughout the year on request.


Orders may be placed by contacting us by phone or email. Please visit the Contact Us page for contact info. Fresh poultry is only available for pre-orders with deposits and can be picked up at the farm or delivered the day of or after processing. Deposits are also welcome for frozen orders and will ensure priority over non-deposit orders. Deposits can be made through PayPal on our For Sale page or you can send us a check. Please check with us to confirm availability prior to submitting a deposit. Thank you!