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Gloustershire Old Spots - Breeding Stock, Feeders and Pork Available Soon

We introducted our first Gloucestershire Old Spots to the farm in April of 2013. Please visit the Breeding Stock page for more information about our pigs.


Gloucestershire Old Spots are a critically endagered heritage breed pig that originated in Gloucestershire, England in the 1800's. The breed was and is also known as a "cottage pig",  "orchard pig", Gloucester Old Spots, and simply Old Spots. British folklore claims that the large black spots are bruises caused by apples falling on the pigs in the orchard. Old Spots are a hardy, thrify breed that were developed to be excellent foragers and grazers. They are not ideal for typical commercial production systems due to their slightly smaller size, slower growth and higher fat ratio than typical commercial white hogs. Though they do not do well in commercial confinement operations, they flourish in pasture-based production! The meat from Old Spots is a richer, darker color than what it typically found in grocery stores, resembling beef more closely than the "other white meat." It's also heavily marbled, which means...full of flavor!


Following Piglet pictures of the gilts are courtesy of Bountiful Apron Farm

Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) and GOS cross Pork Available periodically.

Deposits to reserve a piglet(s) or meat can be submitted on our For Sale page or you can send a check after we confirm availability for your request.