Heirloom Vegetables

What are heirloom vegetables? 

It is generally accepted that to be an heirloom, a variety must be open pollinated and be at least fifty years old. This can include varieties that were passed down within a family or community or varieties developed by universities or breeders. Seeds saved from an open pollinated plant will grow plants identical to the parents, with potential minor variations. Heirloom varieties are not genetically modified through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology like other common GMO products.
Bonnie Best Tomato
Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli
Cosmic Purple Carrots
Red Mini Bell Peppers
Howden Pumpkin

What's the plan for 2013?

We hope to have vegetables for sale at a storefront on Mill St in Danville, one or two days a week during the coming season. Delivery is also possible for orders including vegetables, meat and/or eggs to the Danville area free of charge. Delivery outside of Danville may be available for an additional fee. Stay tuned as we work out the details for the coming season!


In 2013 we will be growing the following vegetable varieties:

  • Carrots - Cosmic Purple, Chantenay Red Core, Kuroda Long 8
  • Pumpkin - Connecticut Field, Howden
  • Albino Beets
  • Peas - Sugar Snap, Wando Garden, Lincoln Garden
  • Tomatoes - Bonnie Best, Money Maker, Roma, Amish Paste
  • Lettuce - Little Gem, Red Romaine
  • Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli
  • Peppers - Red Mini Bell, Sweet Chocolate, Ozark Giant, Chinese 5 Color
  • Corn - Golden Bantam, Bedwell's Supreme White Dent
  • Onions - Jaune Paille Des Vertes, Stuttgarter, Yellow of Parma