The Meadow Home

(Description and drawing taken from the original 1968 sales brochure)

This home is nearly seventy feet long and this great length contributes to its pleasing horizontal lines. The most prominent architectural feature is the protruding bays whose dual purpose is to give depth and shadow to the exterior and to provide extra interior space at just the right place to establish a sitting area in the master bedroom, a play area for the kids in their bedroom and a space for a work bench in the garage.

Hoes, hoses, lawnmowers and all manner of yard materials may be kept in the separate storage area behind the garage. Kids with their muddy boots and numerous playmates have their own entrance to this home via the side door and through the finished laundry room. They can enjoy the family room and third bathroom without ever setting foot in the more formal living room wing of this home which has 3,380 square feet under roof.

There are 41 Meadow homes in Wessytnon.