The History of the Wessynton Land
(Adapted from the original 1968 sales brochure)

Wessynton once was part of the hunting grounds of the Doeg Indians, a tribe of the Algonquin. But the colonization of Virginia by the English involved a transfer of title to this hunting paradise on the Potomac.The land was granted by Lord CulWessynton Home Owner's Association| an ideal blend of woodland and contemporary livingpeper jointly to Nicholas Spencer and to the offspring of an old English family variously known as de Wessynton, Wessynton, Wassington and finally Washington. Present-day Wessynton was part of the land contained in the grant to the Washingtons.

On this grant Augustine Washington built Mt. Vernon, later inherited by George Washington from his half-brother Lawrence. 

The 500 acres surrounding Mt. Vernon, including Wessynton, were developed by Washington into the Mansion House Farm—a new world version of the English gentleman’s countryseat. 
An overlay of Wessynton on a 1793 map drafted by George Washington of 
his farms and surrounding area.