The Homes

The Wessynton Reality

(Adapted from the original 1968 sales brochure)

George Washington was a foremost “modern” of the 18th Century. When he took over the ownership of Mt. Vernon, he did everything in his power to bring it up to the minute in living convenience. The Mt. Vernon mansion itself represented an advanced style for its day, and Washington’s letters to England ordering furnishings and equipment always insisted on the “newest” of everything available. As a leading personality in this promising new country, he wanted nothing to do with the old or the outdated.

Nothing could be a more fitting re-presentation of this tradition than Wessynton. Named for our nation’s first First Family and steeped in more than two centuries of history, Wessynton epitomizes the unique graciousness of contemporary living in 20th Century America.

The spaciousness of the rooms designed for the relaxed good life and the total home designs that capitalize on the beauty of the surrounding wooded terrain tell you at once that you have discovered something special. Truly private bedrooms are tucked away from the living areas and provided with the kind and quantity of closet space required for the year-round, active living done by today’s families. The convenience of all-electric kitchens is here: self-cleaning ovens, rotisseries, grills, dishwashers, refrigerators that never need defrosting-a kitchen as free of maintenance as modern technology will allow. But no out-of-ground power lines mar the beauty of the natural setting of the homes. Each kitchen also has a pantry that will hold ten bags of groceries with room left over for a deep fat frier, seldom used wasting pan, broom and waste basket. Laundry chutes that carry clothing and linens directly to the laundry room take another chore out of the daily round of housekeeping. Functional garages acknowledge the importance of the automobile in our way of life.

The exteriors of all the homes in Wessynton have been designed by architects Deigert and Yerkes, A.IA., to do more than simply harmonize with their natural setting. Wessynton homes exploit all the values in the rolling terrain. (Read more about the design philosophy of Wessynton.)

The brook which runs through Wessynton has been preserved in natural park land. Waterways have been dredged from Little Hunting Creek into the community itself to provide a navigable waterway from the Potomac for Wessynton boat owners. Waterskiing, boating, fishing and sailing on the Potomac are all close at hand. Residents will also enjoy an exclusive community clubhouse and swimming pool.