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Music Director


Marie Brydges

Marie Brydges lives in Renfrew and works out of her studio, and with the Renfrew County District School Board as a part-time music instructor.

We at Wesley are delighted to have Marie with her excellent qualifications, experiences in many different kinds of music ministries, commitment to our music ministry at Wesley, and phenomenal skills in singing, playing the piano, and making the organ perform to a level attainable by only the most skillful of organists. Come to Wesley and hear a virtual music recital every Sunday before, during and after the formal church service.

Marie is also a Licensed Lay Worship Leader (LLWL), which she claims is her second ministry, music being her first. She leads the choir in prayer before and after each choir rehearsal. Choir members are most appreciative of her focus in bringing out the real message and emotion that is written into each hymn and anthem. She works closely with our clergy to ensure that the music compliments the message. Each church service is becoming more of "a happening" because of this co-ordination and Marie's skills.

If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing Marie perform, come and join us for a service at Wesley. We expect you'll come back to be a part of this exciting music ministry.